Thursday, July 21, 2016

S. E. Gilchrist shares Quest For Earth.

Liza interviews S.E. Gilchrist's character.. Oh all right, it might be an interrogation. She says he's the Hero from Quest for Earth. We'll find out soon enough. Don't be alarmed if I yell each question for I'm in a mood.

1. Who are you and what is your story? I am Maaka, leader of the Lycanean tribe and every day is a battle for survival in the dangerous outworlds.

2. What do you want? A better life for my people, access to technology and medicine that the people who live in the dome hoard and refuse to share.

3. What do you fear? My greatest fear is to become one such as the Half-dead. These creatures have been bred with little human traits of kindness, the ability to love and empathy. We consider they have no soul although they are cunning. They are consumed by their need to feed off human flesh and one bite can result in a Lycanean being 'turned'. This is one reason why I have sought and obtained an alliance with another tribe living in this hostile lands, the Freebers as their saliva contains a healing agent which prevents the turning, if used in time.

4. How do you envision your future? Now that I have been graced with the gift of the mate of my heart, I am hopeful of a long and happy future spent with my Sherise. But I know there remain many obstacles in our path - particularly the person responsible for the death of my family as well as our arch enemy, the Half-dead.

Quest for Earth © S. E. GILCHRIST

With the survival of her crew at stake, an old enemy waiting in the wings, and a mighty chieftain declaring his love, can Sherise lead her people safely home?

Honouring a pledge made in the blood-soaked dirt of a prison planet, Sherise volunteers to lead the stolen people of Earth safely home. But when a collision plunges her ship off-course and they emerge three hundred years into Earth’s future, they have nine weeks to repair the ship or the path back to their own time will close forever.

On an earth seething with predators and dangerous tribes, Sherise discovers love with the Lycanean chieftain, Maaka. But can she trust him, or is he only after her superior weapons?
With the safety of her passengers and crew paramount, Sherise must choose her alliances with great care.

For an old enemy is hidden on the planet, and he wants all her people dead.


SE Gilchrist lives in the beautiful Hunter Valley of Australia with her family and pets. She writes in the genres of science-fiction, ancient history, apocalyptic and contemporary rural romances and loves combining romance with adventure. SE is also passionately interested in animal welfare, the environment, bushwalking and spending time 'researching' her stories.



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