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Lexi Post shares Eden Discovered and the two before it. Rafflecopter!

Today, I have bestseller Lexi Post on my Multiverses.  So let's say hello to Lexi, so she'll come back and visit us with more frisky characters. But right now let's check these out.

Eden Discovered (The Eden Series Book 3)
Hi everyone (waving). I’m very excited about the release of Eden Discovered which is the 3rd book in my Eden Series. I write romances inspired by the classics, so I used Emily Dickinson’s poems for this series. It always fascinated me that Dickinson (19th Century female poet) was a recluse and was rarely seen outside of her house. That got me to thinking, maybe she wasn’t actually home. Maybe, she was on the planet Eden since she talked about Eden so much in her poetry ;-)

The first book, Cruise into Eden was inspired by the poem “Wild Nights! Wild Nights!” 

And Unexpected Eden was inspired by “Come slowly-Eden!”  

This newest release, Eden Discovered was inspired by the poem her editor titled “The Goal,” but her first line (by which all her poems are known) is “Each life converges to some centre.” That’s what sparked my interest.

There are a couple of things you need to know about Eden. First, it is a planet of naked hunks with special abilities. Second, every woman brought from Earth must marry more than one Edenist. Oh, and third, women are considered precious and protected at all costs.
GIVEAWAY In this story, the heroine is an animal lover, so of course, animals of Eden figure prominently. Konala communicates with animals and Theron befriends a tigran, which is a sabretooth tiger size cat whose fur changes like a chameleon. In honor of Theron’s cat, I’m giving away this Venetian cat mask made in Italy. I could see this face on her at night with the Bendis moon rising ;-) Just enter the Rafflecopter for a chance to win. Good luck!
Always, Lexi

Eden Discovered 

Animal lover Jaelene Upton doesn’t expect to lose sight of her sister when she follows her through a bizarre travel portal, but that’s exactly what happens when she’s distracted by a cute baby porcupine. Lost, she asks for directions, only to be nearly assaulted by one naked man before being saved by another. Her best guess is she’s landed among a native tribe in the middle of a jungle….but odd reflections and energy sources have her questioning even that assumption.
Theron misses his home in Loraleaf and the brothers of his heart Konala and Rekah. His new home, a lonely cave, is his escape from seeing the woman he loves happily bonded to Loraleaf’s leaders. When he saves Jaelene from lawbreakers, he finds himself drawn to her intoxicating curiosity and despite his best efforts, he falls for her. But no matter what his heart wants, he can’t offer her anything but safety and a reunion with her sister. Unless…
If Theron can interest Konala in Jaelene as well, then he would only have two more obstacles to conquer, Rekah and Jaelene herself. But Rekah, hurt by Theron’s betrayal, wants nothing to do with Jaelene and when she discovers Theron’s past love, she refuses to be his consolation price. As the battle with the lawbreakers grows near, Theron realizes, this time, he may well lose more than his heart.

Jaelene wasn’t chosen, which meant she might not even think his world was possible. “Don’t you believe there can be life on other planets?”
 She looked down in thought. When her deep blue gaze returned to his, he almost forgot what they were discussing. Her eyes reminded him of the Latzeran Sea, its dark blue waters so beautiful that people were known to ignore the dangers of its depths and drown.
 “I never really thought about it.” She shrugged one shoulder. “It would be a bit egotistical to think Earth had the only living beings, so I guess I can accept that somewhere out there in another galaxy, there is life.”
 She held up her index finger. “But I don’t accept that there is a portal that I can step through and suddenly be on another planet.” She shook her head, her long black hair swishing over her shoulder. “Nope. I know I’m still on Earth. Heck, it was a porcupine that got me lost in the first place. I doubt there are porcupines on other planets.” Jaelene crossed her arms as if she’d solved the most important problem in the universe.
 There was something endearing about her complete confidence. Theron liked it. “That was a welchet.”
 “A what?”
 He grinned. “It’s a welchet. It looks like a porcupine as you noticed, but it has two tusks that grow down from its bottom jaw for digging up grubs and it has six feet.”
 She looked at him a moment then shook her head. “Nice try. What I saw was a porcupine. Maybe you just call it something different.”
 Theron studied her. What would she think when she saw her sister’s pet welchet? What would she think of Loraleaf? A stab of longing sliced through his heart at the thought of her seeing his home. He missed it more than he’d thought possible, but just imagining going back caused another pain altogether.


About Lexi:
Lexi Post is a New York Times and USA Today best-selling author of sensuous romance inspired by the classics. She spent years in higher education taking and teaching courses about the literature she loved while reading her favorite romance authors. It wasn’t long before she decided to marry her two first loves. From hot paranormals to sizzling cowboys to hunks from out of this world, Lexi provides a steamy read with a “whole lotta story.”
Lexi is living her own happily ever after with her husband and her cat in Florida. She makes ice cream every weekend, loves bright colors, and you will never see her without a hat.
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  1. Liz, thank you for having me! I really love this story because it's got an animal lover for a heroine and I was able to show quite a few Eden animals. I really enjoy visiting my planet ;-)

    1. Well don't pick up and wander off with your animals just yet. I'm keeping you for three days.


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