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Never Surrender by Cait Lexis

Never Surrender
(Book One of Luminary Wars)

She’s the galaxy’s most wanted. And only a space pirate dares to take action.

Lo Deveron is on the run after her fiancé, a core world senator, was found murdered in their apartment. With an unknown threat chasing her, the normal sheltered life she knew is suddenly turned into a nightmare. While attempting to escape law enforcement, she lands straight onto the lap of a dangerous pirate, who agrees to help her for a price.

Pirate captain Lenk might be bold and cocky as he leads his crew against deadly enemies, but he has no idea what to do with a lady. He knows his ship can hold more danger than protection for someone like Lo. 
Yet when she has no one else to turn to, he doesn’t hesitate to face off against her pursuers and risks everything to protect her.

With a price on her head, everyone wants a piece of her, including mercenaries and bounty hunters, as they hunt her across star systems and set traps to capture her. When Lo discovers the shocking reason behind the relentless manhunt, she realizes there’s only one man she can trust.


Lo cried out as two TEGs reached her side and grabbed her. Lenk reached them and slammed bodily into one as he kicked out at the other, forcing them to lose their balance and release her. He caught her by the shoulders to steady her.

“Get moving.” He told her.

He turned around and slammed into several of the TEGs still left standing, throwing all his weight into the punches as he managed to knock down two more before opening fire. His arms swept out in a semi-circle as he sprayed them with laser fire at point-blank range. He took down several more with headshots and the rest were knocked back from the force of the shots. He staggered to his feet, turned and ran after Lo.

They made it to the top of the rocky hillside of the shoreline, when a few surviving TEGs got up again and came after them. They took several shots at Lenk, narrowly missing him. One laser bolt singed his sleeve and grazed his arm through the thick layer of leather. He grunted in pain but pushed on.

Lo stumbled as her foot slipped on a rock, crying out as she fell sideways. Lenk dove and caught her just before her head hit the rocks. He tried to roll and take the brunt of the fall, but only managed half way, scraping his side along the rocks.

Lo was breathing heavily as she lay momentarily stunned, half under him. Lenk glanced down at her to check to make sure she wasn’t seriously injured. She seemed more surprised than hurt. Her hood had fallen off from her head, revealing strands of pale blonde hair that escaped from her bun, her face flushed. She stared at him with slightly bewildered eyes, her full lips parted. She was scared, but there was also a strange spark in her eyes as she lay there looking up at him. He didn’t have time to wonder about it. His only thought was to get them to safety.

“You okay? Can you get up?”

“I think so.” She whispered, quickly breaking eye contact and looking away.

Before he could help her up, a series of laser fire lit the area around them. Lenk half expected to be peppered with laser holes, but he looked up to see Francis standing at the edge of the hill holding his blaster and emptying laser bolts at another squad coming towards them.

“You two want to get going or are you having too much fun?” Francis taunted over the sound of his whining blaster.

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Always Tomorrow
(Book Two of Luminary Wars) – Coming Soon

Assignment: Protect the Luminary at all cost
Directive: Capture the fugitive Ilonia Deveron
Obstacle: Xend Kitsou

Elite Commander Tera Laux is being sent on a covert mission to secure the future safety of the Luminary, the galaxy’s most influential man. She’s excited to go on the mission except for one little glitch, the infuriating and all too sexy Dr. Kitsou. She might have to work with him, but she didn’t have to like it. How can she focus on her mission when his very presence drives her crazy?

Data Scientist and historian Xend Kitsou is assigned to the mission to provide his research and analytical skills, with a secret agenda. He might admire Tera’s vibrant beauty and fighting spirit, but his top priority is his work with the Luminary to regain an ancient knowledge.

As they race across the galaxy, hunting and setting traps for their target, their past catches up with them and the line between friend and foe begins to blur. They must decide how much they’re willing to risk to complete the mission.


Xend was still standing where she’d left him, looking as cool and collected as always. She slowed her stride as she became aware of him watching her approach. Suddenly, she felt a little self-conscious as she resisted the urge to smooth her hair and straighten her armor.

From a lifetime of habits, she always tried to present herself with a neat appearance. It was what was expected of her from her parents, it was drilled into her at the military academy and during her service in Fleet. But it wasn’t habit that made her want to do that now.

During the little incident, her shoulder-length hair, usually tied back into a simple low ponytail, had loosened from its binding. It now formed a cloud of errand strands of red hair, a bright chili-pepper red, that framed around her face. Her armor uniform was slightly askew. It was hard to maintain control and a professional image when she probably looked like she’d just tumbled out of bed.

But she wasn’t about to tidy herself in front of him like some women might preen before a man they were trying to attract. She didn’t want him to get the wrong idea that she was doing it for him.

“Are you all right, doctor?” Her hazel eyes met Xend’s, daring him to comment on her dishevelment.

A slow sexy smile met her question. “Couldn’t be better, commander. It’s not every day I have a beautiful woman throwing herself at me.”

“Don’t flatter yourself. I was merely trying to protect you.”

“From that dangerous human missile?”

“Trust me, it won’t happen again.” She retorted.

“Shame. I enjoyed every moment of it.”

Tera clenched her jaw. Did this man take nothing seriously? How did he always manage to twist a situation to his advantage? She’d never known anyone who could be so infuriating.

She tried to wipe the images his words brought to mind. Those seconds of her body pressing down onto his. Even through her body armor, she could feel the unyielding strength of his body. Her fingers had brushed against the tautness of his chest. He was firm and toned for a man who spent most of his day tucked behind a desk inside a stuffy library.

Maybe next time she’ll just let him get blown to bits. The thought gave Tera a moment of ferocious enjoyment and made her feel a little better.

About the Author

Like many young girls, Cait Lexis grew up reading capacious amounts of romance novels. But unlike a lot of them, she also devoured anything related to science fiction. She is especially drawn to stories about futuristic soldiers, and stories with a kickass heroine that saves the day and get to fall in love.

If you’re looking for fast-paced action-packed science fiction romance and space opera, come check out her books.


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