Saturday, February 4, 2017

Amy DeClerk shares The Importance of Being Human

The Importance of Being Human
Hello, dearest readers! Thanks for stopping by Liza’s blog to chat with me. Today I wanted to discuss with you my newest project, a series of books about CYBORGS!
Something has always fascinated me about the things that make us human. That indefinable spark that divides human from other. It is this quest to understand humanity that drove me to write about heroes who were once human, but are now something more. Something stronger, faster, and more savage.
Aeon Project is the name of the series of books I’ll be completing this year and into early 2018. The first book, An Enduring Sun, introduces us to a mysterious man named Ren. Ren is having a quiet drink at a bar on a lonely desert planet when a woman named Sharyn tries to steal his bike, and ends up stealing his heart. We meet Ren and his family in An Enduring Sun, and we discover that they are on the run from the secrets of their past. Secrets that we discover along with Sharyn as the story unfolds. (NO SPOILERS!!)
The other books in the Aeon Project series will follow Ren’s brothers and father as they, too, must come to terms with their pasts and what lies ahead. What does it mean to be human? If a child is taken from his home and transformed into something different, does that make him the monster, or is his creator to blame for what happens next? “The Frankenstein Problem” can be played out as we debate what it really means to have humanity. As Ren and his brothers find love, they also find acceptance and forgiveness.
The Aeon Project is part of the Takamo Universe, a MMO-RPG game that is currently in beta. Players have the opportunity to read stories set in the galaxy where the game takes place, for a more immersive gameplay experience. My heroes will cross the galaxy and meet diverse foes as they grapple with the understanding that it’s not where you come from that defines you, but where you stand when a line is drawn in the sand.
I look forward to bringing you the books in the Aeon Project, and I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I will enjoy writing them.
An Enduring Sun is expected to release in March 2017.
Readers can find out more about the Takamo Universe Project by finding me on facebook at

Books in The Aeon Project series and their theme song:
An Enduring Sun (March 2017) Ren’s story :  (Starset) Halo
Dark Star (coming soon) One’s story: (Starset) Dark On Me
Resonance (coming soon) Sevyn’s story (Starset) Monster
Decaying Orbit (coming soon) Vex’s story (Starset) Let It Die

Escape Velocity (coming soon) Q’s story (Starset) Ricochet

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