Tuesday, May 23, 2017

AR DeClerck's The Clockwork Countenance get REVIEWED by LIZA

The Clockwork Countenance Blurb

Adventuress Ember Addams has spent most of her adult life searching for a fabled contraption that can transfer consciousness from one body to another. Her best friend is a man trapped in a clockwork body, and the only way they can be together is to find the Countenance and procure him a human body. But, Ember isn’t the only one looking for the machine, and the others who are out to get it are willing to do anything to possess it. With the help of their allies, Ember and Reginal will have to fight for the box and for their future.

The Clockwork Countenance

What a fabulous, unique, and wonderfully romantic story set in a historical steampunk Britain.

The story has everything you could possibly want: a search for a hidden item that can change the unchangeable; love between a human and her clockwork companion; deceptions that fall back on the deceiver, and friends to help when all seems lost.

Loved it! Highly entertaining!


Author Bio:

AR DeClerck. Wife. Mother. Writer. Food assassin. Reading ninja. All-around goofball. Self-proclaimed nerd.
AR writes adventure romance from the comfort of her couch in the quiet Midwest. She loves to put her characters through hell on the road to happily ever after.


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