Monday, May 8, 2017

Boyajian's Star

When contemplating where the space ship mining Saturn's ring calls home, I have to consider Boyajian's Star. 

The reason is simple. The star seems to dim in ways that is like no other star.  

Thus, serious scientists are considering the possibility that there is a planet which is capturing the sun's light and converting it into energy.

That implies sentient beings exist on the planet with technology far beyond ours.  

Right now, we simply don't know enough to say if that is what is going on. What we do know is NONE of the other possibilities that have been considered seem viable.

So I'm conscripting the planet as home-base for the ship mining minerals in Saturn's disk. (What we've been calling a moon: PAN) They have to live somewhere when not mining minerals from Saturn.

Now I have some of them spending their time on Titan, which is oddly much older than Saturn, but then so might the planet containing the energy of the Boyajian's Star be older as well.

Technically, they seem to be far beyond us. So they may be able to transport entire planets on their whim.

If so, then it is highly likely, they will be methane based rather than water based sentients.

It makes sense given methane based sentients would prefer much colder climates (-290 F) than water based sentients. (Methane needs to be really cold to be a liquid. It boils at -257.8 F.  Thus, the temperature of Titan may be regulated to ensure methane life can survive.

While it is likely they are harnessing their sun's power and converting it to other sources, it is also possible they are just trying to cool down their planet so it does not self-destruct as Earth does in Destination: Titan.


  1. Cool. I am so impressed by what you've shared, Liza. Great info.

    1. Thanks, I love pulling together real oddities and creating Sci-Fi from them. It gives the story a stronger basis.


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