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Lea Kirk shares MADE FOR HER

Thank you, Liza, for having me on your blog today. I am bouncing in my chair about the release of my first ever paranormal romance, Made for Her!

Writing a PNR is a bit of a shift from my normal SFR. I first got the idea for this story from a particularly vivid dream. I woke up from it with my heart racing because things didn’t look good for the couple who’d eventually become my protagonists. I ran to my computer and typed up everything I could remember then saved it in a file. Admittedly, I wasn’t quite sure what to do with a PNR at that time. Then, Susan Smith invited me write for her Magic, New Mexico Kindle World.

Write a story set in a town full of paranormal beings? (And a few aliens.) Sure! I could that.

But, my post-apocalyptic SFR Prophecy series world just didn’t fit the Magic landscape. So, I pulled up my file marked “Vampire Dream” and got to work. When people would ask me what was next up, I’d tell them I was writing a story about a snake shifter, a vampire, and a barista. Sounds like the beginning of a joke, right? I get that a lot.

Now, some people shudder at the “snake-shifter” idea, but the story is mostly about the hero and heroine, and it is a romance. It has to have a happily ever after, right? I think you’ll like how things turn out in the end, trust me on this.

In the meantime, if you all could help me out with a punch line here, please: A vampire, a snake shifter, and a barista walk into a bar….

By Lea Kirk

Vampires and faeries and snake-shifters. Oh, my!

Donnie McAllister’s dream job turns into a nightmare when she discovers her boss isn’t as human as he seems. Racing against time to return a legendary dagger to the land of the Fae, she must rely on a dangerously sexy vampire to navigate a world she never knew existed. Because if she doesn’t deliver, it’ll cost Donnie her life and leave the ancient weapon of untold power in the hands of her corrupt, venomous boss.

Four hundred years ago one man destroyed everyone vampire Mikhail Cherneski held dear. Now his nemesis is after Donnie, the human woman whose blood calls to Mikhail like no other. For she means more to him than a simple snack to satisfy his despicable eternal thirst. When Mikhail comes face-to-face with his enemy, he must risk his immortal life or watch Donnie suffer the same fate as his family.

Another enchanting story from Magic, New Mexico




Donnie reached for the other stack of cups, pulled one off the top, and managed to hold onto it this time without causing a minor avalanche.

“M-i-k-h-a-i-l.” GQ spelled out his name, his deep voice blending the harsh-spoken consonants with the softer vowels.

All she could do was nod, wide-eyed like an enthralled child at Disneyland for the first time. By some miracle, the permanent marker was in her hand, but Mikhail still held her gaze. Good thing he was the only customer in the shop because there was no way Rhonda would be able to read the letters she was scratching across the cup’s surface.

What was the next step down from pathetic?

She gave her head a shake and managed to paste a half-smile on her face for Mikhail. At least, she hoped it was a smile. With the way things were going she was probably drooling out of one side of her mouth. “Would you like anything else to go with that?”

Mikhail’s tongue wet his lips. If he kept this up, she’d fall to her knees right here in front of everyone and beg him to take her upstairs. “Not right now, thank you, Donnie.”

No man had ever made her nick name sound so sexy. It was the accent, no doubt about it. She caught her bottom lip between her teeth. Numb, that’s what she was. Numb all over. Her legs, hands, lips…entire face.

He pressed a fifty in her hand. “Keep the change.”

She moved her mouth, but no sound came out. A tip this big would more than cover the cups lost, and then some. He winked and stepped down toward the end of the counter. She gripped the sides of the register and inhaled a deep breath.

What had just happened? 

Made For Her


Lea Kirk loves to transport her readers to other worlds with her science fiction and paranormal romances. She is the author of the sci-fi romance Prophecy series.

Her fascination with science fiction began at six years old when her dad introduced her to the original Star Trek TV series. She fell in love with the show, and may have run through her parents’ house wearing the tunic top of her red-knit pantsuit and white go-go boots pretending to be Lieutenant Uhura. By nine years old she knew she wanted to be a writer, and in her teens she read her first romance and was hooked.

She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her wonderful hubby of twenty-seven years and their five kids (aka, the nerd herd).

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