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Arrival: Titan Meet the Sentients Living on Titan and the Spaceship we call Pan

The very first day we arrived on Titan, Ben, one of the students finds life. It's a beautiful moth.

They soon discover the moths are telepathic and can read the human's minds. While that freaks out some of the soldiers, it helps immensely to create understanding between humans and moths.

While the Titan moths resemble a moth on earth, they are very different. On Earth, the circulation process of hemolymph is mostly water, but it also contains ions, carbohydrates, lipids, glycerol, amino acids, hormones, some cells and pigments.

In the Titan moth circulations system, liquid methane is the main ingredient.  Another difference that our students and scientist soon discover is that the Titan moths are highly intelligent and can communicate telepathically.  

Upon discovering the students and scientists are all friendly, the moths decide to help the humans when they can.

While Ben follows the moth into a cave, he discovers an even bigger form of life. To be precise, he discovers an eight-foot naked blueish humanoid who smells like methane. Which is shocking given the temp is -195 degrees Fahrenheit.

The fellow's eyes do not stare in the same place.  In fact, they tend to stare off to each side of his face. According to the moth, Miam, his name is Tiber and he lives in the methane lake our people have just landed near. He is far more cautious and runs through the cave, returning to the liquid methane before the other humans arrive at the cave. To protect him from the soldiers, Ben fails to mention his existence at all.

The next discovery of life might frighten you, but just remember this part of my story is fiction. 
This is Mother Spider. She's about five feet tall. 

She's also methane-based and is the most prolific breeder on Titan. Further back in this cave, are large orange balls hanging from the ceiling. DO NOT TOUCH THE BALLS. They are baby spiders and are easily frightened. 

If they bite you, you will die from Hydrofluoric Acid Poisoning. 

And if they scream, their voices will tear you to bits.

Consequently, most sentients that visit Titan avoid them like the plague. Oddly, the humans have befriended them simply by offering to change Methane into to pure Ethane.  

Mother Spider is very excited about this because it takes 3 months for her spiders to trek to the ethane lake and they've stopped going because the ethane lake tastes terrible now.

The humans make deals with the moths, Tiber, and Mother Spider that helps them to rapidly build a plant and get the methane flowing. Thus, all three species like the humans. Especially the smaller ones, also known as "students". 

These aren't just any old students. These are the brightest minds that could be found on earth. To be honest, they were awful when they arrived, but Tamara's soothing nature and sweetness have turned them around. 

They also brought the finest AI in existence with them. She saved their lives when she took control of the ship and landed it. Here's Scarlett hanging on the wall wearing her Carol Burnett 'Gone With the Wind' outfit.
Scarlett is very playful, but she can also multitask better than any computer or human in existence.

In fact, it was Scarlett who discovered that the moon Pan, hanging out near the outer rim of Saturn was not a moon at all.  It's a 21.7 mile long mining ship.

So let's go meet a few of the peeps in the ship!
This is the captain of the mining ship. And just so you know, they have never called their ship "Pan".  When they got around to decoding our signal waves, they first renamed their ship 'Star Trek'. However, recently upon discovering that we believed their ship was actually a planet, they dubbed their ship "Death Star", which indicates they have a sense of humor.

The captain is of a long-life humanoid race. However, her species has been around since the beginning of time. While early on, we did worship her people. We don't anymore. In fact, we now call them myths.

The captain is in love with Rockman (and Rockman loves her as well, only he is from a lower cast and thus never flirts with her.)

Now before you think twelve foot tall Rockman would crush the three-foot tall captain, you need to know that this is just a suit. Rockman is also three feet tall and resides in the chest of the suit. (He mines minerals on the moons and planets nearby.)

Two more fellows you need to know about: Shine and Rust. Shine has a great eye for rare minerals. 

Rust has no eyes whatsoever. He is deaf, mute, and blind. When this story begins, he is considered dangerous and useless: a burden Shine must endure. Since other than Rust being blind, they look the same, I've only put up Shine's pic. Rust looks the same, but his eyes are just black useless orbs.

However, Scarlett asked if she could "Helen Keller" him. Naturally, no one on the ship knew what that meant, so Perv found the movie about Helen Keller and showed it to the captain.

This is Perv.

And that brings me to the last character I'm sharing today. Perv, the pervert. He gets his reputation because he can see through almost anything other than titanium and he loves to stare beneath the clothes of females. Any female will do. 

Clearly, Perv is not a humanoid. In fact, I would go so far as to say he is a reptilianoid.  My apology for the fuzziness of his face, but this is an actual picture from NASA. Which means this is where reality and Sci-Fi may be merging. In my story, Perv is using Jupiter to monitor Saturn and her many moons.

That's right. In my story, and possibly in reality, Jupiter is not a planet. It's an electronical surveillance mechanism cloaked as a planet. 

Just to be clear, Perv does not live in or on Jupiter. In my story I have him living on one of the planets circling the star we call Boyjillian. Using something like but much more powerful than Skyping, he watches over Trillian and her mining efforts, via Jupiter.

Okay, I hear screeching brakes...
You think I've gone too far.
Have I? or have you not gone far enough?

Scientists now believe Jupiter has no core. So it's just a big ball of pretty scenes from the outside, yet when they used false color to penetrate deeper they get my reptilianoid Perv. May I suggest that the pretty stuff we see is just to keep us from seeing what NASA found using false color: Perv.

And just so you know, they've taken more than one shot of reptilianoids using false color.

Okay, you still don't want to believe that is possible.
Then pretend I made this all up  (After all, I am an author of fiction) and have fun reading the book. 


  1. LOL, Liza. Your descriptions of the characters are fascinating. I could do without the 5' spider, though. *shudders* I loved the first book in the series. Can't wait to read this one.


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