Thursday, January 2, 2014

Looking back at the best of 2013.

Since Gremlins ate the blog I wrote for today, I thought I'd sort through the year and find my fav blogs in case you missed the best of the lot.

These 5 are in no particular order and in my humble opinion are worth reading again.

Space Rep first showed up on my site during the 2nd midsummer blog hop, because my blog had just begun and I had no followers.

Then there is me blaming all my editing errors on multiverses collapsing into my universe leaving me with novels written by kittens and hedge hogs.  That’s worth a laugh.

I make a very good case why sci-fi writers are more realistic and accurate about outer-space than scientist

During Maria Hammarblad’s interview,  she says such crazy things that Breaking 
Space News quit because she was too forthcoming, leaving them nothing to report.

And last but not least
I go off about an article that nearly made my brain explode in Scientific America

Eventually I conclude we've reduced life, the universe and everything to 'feelings' instead of the number 42. 


I hope you had time and  to check these blogs out.But if you didn't, I forgive you.

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