Sunday, January 26, 2014

Liza O'Connor interviews the book Adrenaline Rush by Rebecca Royce

Today, we will capture a potentially dangerous book. I'm a little worried.

Space Rep: Why? We spacenap books all the time.

Liza: True, but this book is about superheroes. And when you pit yourself against a hero you become what?

Space Rep: I don't know.

Liza: Squished if you aren't careful.

Space Rep: Maybe we shouldn't spacenap anything.

Liza: We've no choice. It's what we do. So  turn off the microwave and turn on the transponder.

Space Rep: I got a bad feeling about this.

Liza: I'm not feeling warm and fuzzy either.
Welcome Adrenaline Rush. Mind if I call you Rush?

Book: Well, I am in a hurry, so ...why not?

Liza: So tell us about yourself.

Rush: Ace Hudson has worked for his brother, Draco, at Powers, Inc. since it opened.

Liza: Yes, I recall reading about that in another book. I believe you can no longer go into work because of a dalliance with  you handler.

Rush: *Pages flutter* Not me. My character Ace did that. I'm a proper book and mind my pages. Unfortunately, Ace is not so constrained. May I continue MY story please.

Liza: Yes, of course.

Rush: Ace spends his days trying to balance his job  of protecting the world with taking care of his teenage brother, Lael.

Liza: He must be exhausted.

Rush: Actually, just the opposite. He must spend his nights trying to overcome the overabundance of adrenaline in his body that makes him lose control. 

Liza: By himself? That sounds boring. He needs to get a new girlfriend. Just one that isn't his handler.

Rush: He does have a secret crush on a celebrity chef who makes home-cooked meals look sexier than they have a right to be.

Liza: That sounds interesting. Tell me more

Rush: Alice Styles runs an empire based on her ability to make people want to eat what she cooks. When she’s nearly killed on live television in a situation straight out of one of her childhood nightmares, she reluctantly asks Ace Hudson to help keep her safe.

Liza: And it was love at first sight.

Rush: Not even close. It was instant dislike and which eventually worked it's way to mutual pleasure.

Liza: And they live happily ever after right?

Rush: Not so fast. Ace and Alice do not have an easy path to love. They have to deal with their egos and personal barriers first.

Liza: And then they have their happily ever after?

Rush: Sorry to say there's a looming threat just waiting for a moment to possess Alice.

Liza: Okay, now I'm worried. Open your covers and let me read.

Rush: Sorry, no can do. Alice has put some recipes in here she does not wish to share.

Liza: Not a problem. I hate cooking. Now open up.

Rush: Alice says doubly no now.

Liza: I'm call Rebecca Royce if you don't open up your covers.

Rush: No can do.

Liza: Space Rep, find me a link to Amazon. They'll let me read the book.

Space Rep: Sorry. It's not on Amazon yet. 


Space Rep: This isn't my fault!

Rush: She sounds like she's incurred demon possession. Call Ace!

Space Rep: No she's just growls when she doesn't get her way. Are you sure you can't open your pages?

Rush: I'd like to return to Rebecca now.

Space Rep: For a price. Give me your Buy Link.
Rush: If you insist

Buy Link

Space Rep: Great. Now go before Liza rips your pages out. She's like a 5 year old child when she doesn't get her way.

Rush: A five year old child. Dear God! I'm calling Ace for help.

Space Rep: Just jump into the transponder and you'll be fine.

*sighs with relief when door closes* 

I better feed Liza, that usually makes her stop growling.



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