Saturday, January 11, 2014

Space is a hologram

Things are getting really weird now.

I've two disturbing headlines from Quantum Physicists to evaluate:

Space is a Hologram

Death is an Illusion

Let's start with outerspace being a Hologram.
This one looks a bit like a dragon to me.
Okay, these do look too freaky to be real. So let me read beyond the headline to understand why the article claims space is a hologram. That kind of takes the wonder out of these pictures. Just another photoshop project.

Okay, this theory comes from a theoretical physicist named Juan. He has a last name, but it's too long to remember. We'll just call him Juan.

That's Juan, building a hologram image on his chalkboard.

Juan is a 'stringer'.  You know, the physicist who support the vibrating string theory of 9 dimensions with another for time is merely a hologram of sorts. The real action plays out on a flatter dimension WHERE GRAVITY DOES NOT EXIST. 

Way to go Juan! Not only have we lost the reality of our pretty starscapes, but you've done away with gravity as well, which means if we aren't careful, we'll be floating around in the giant hologram known as space pretty soon.

Unlike me, quantum physicists loved this new approach because it put string theory on solid ground, solved inconsistencies between quantum theory and Einstein's theory of gravity. Plus it enabled them  to jump back and forth between simple world and hologram world when solving complex problems.  

So without any proof, they accepted Juan's theory because it made math easier.

But recently two studies/papers give support to Juan's theory. Not actual proof that gravity doesn't exist on a lower plane, but more like: the math works out nicely if we kick gravity out of lower plane. I recall 'time' got kicked out of this plane too. That, I actually agreed with. Time could very well be an illusion in our brain to keep us sane..ish.

But let's get back to the math that kicked gravity out of the lower plane of reality.

They were calculating the thermodynamics of a black hole. And this is were my brain exploded and floated off in space to find some gravity.

You'll find the real article here.

So let's get to Death being an illusion...or not. It's late, not that time actually exists. But I have a watch on my wrist and it says its late and I've still lots to do.

I'll discuss why death is an illusion later. Hopefully that article won't blow my brain out again.

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