Friday, March 27, 2015

Excerpt from Surviving Outbound

Today, I'm sharing an excerpt from Surviving Outbound

Dmitri watched Saran nibble on the giant sandwich, and listened to her mental musing that only a man so large would think this sandwich could be eaten in one sitting.

Satisfied she was fine, he stepped outside and cursed beneath his breath. His brother had evidently tossed the bucket of oats at Blue, for flakes speckled the grand fellow’s entire back and head. Dmitri apologized verbally since the bull had closed his mind again.

“My brother is the baby of the family, and Mother has never made him work a day in his life. I asked him to give you a large bucket of oats so I could see to Saran.”

A low grumbling voice spoke in his head asking how Saran was doing.

“She drank a full glass of water and was nibbling on a sandwich when I left her.”

Blue snorted. “Could use some water myself.”

“Yes, of course. I’ll bring it now, along with fresh oats and a brush to clean off your coat.”

“I wait with anticipation,” Blue replied in an acerbic grumble.

In all his life, Dmitri had never spoken to an animal with such an expressive voice. Most had only rudimentary language skills; many simply chose to send pictures to communicate their needs.

Dmitri didn’t find his brother in the barn. He would bet the ranch that the lazy sloth was inside playing video games. He tucked a brush in his shirt and carried two large pails, one with oats and one with water, to Blue. As the bull enjoyed his water and then oats, Dmitri brushed the bull’s longhaired coat free of oats, burrs, twigs, and a thousand other items picked up during their travels through the woods.

He knelt down and inspected Blue’s feet, mentally asking the bull if there were any pains.

“Nothing that won’t wait for Saran,” the bull replied.

“I have a vet on staff. He’s very good.”

“No one but Saran. If you are eager to be helpful, get me another bucket of water.”

Dmitri smiled at the brashness of an animal ordering about his handler. When he returned with more water, he continued brushing the fellow. 
“I’m amazed Tamara put up with you, Blue,” he teased.

Suddenly, Tamara’s voice answered. “I didn’t. When I handled him, he did what I said.

Blue snorted, and his reply resonated in Dmitri’s head. “I was considerably smaller then. Now, I am only handled by reason.”

Dmitri stroked him behind his ear. “I will try very hard to remember that.”

"See that you do!" Blue huffed.


  1. Great excerpt. Sounds like another great story from Liza O'Connor. Tweeted.

  2. Loved the excerpt, especially the bull! And it's way cool that they are telepathic. When does this series release? Can't wait!

    1. Summer, probably July of this year. I'm working hard to have four ready for deployment.

  3. Sounds interesting. I also loved Blue. He seems so intelligent. :)

    1. He's actually smarter than humans. He's the messiah of his species, only someone removed him from his planet and put him on Earth. He is determined to go home.


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