Tuesday, March 17, 2015

It's all about the Multiverse


The multiverse is a complex entity

Here are some basic rules:

1) Infinity does not exist. It's all finite, it's just really big--beyond our imagination big.

2) Universes split and become two when something STATISTICALLY SIGNIFICANT OCCURS.

3)Time reduces the importance of differences.

4) Universes collapse when differences no longer statistically matter.

Does it really matter what happened in 4000 BC?

5) There is a finite number of universes allowed in a multiverse, thus once it reaches it's full capacity a must collapse two into one before  a new universe can be selected. 
The whole circle should have lines. I just grew tired of drawing lines. (I'd be a lazy God).

6) When two statistically similar universes collapse, changes are made on a micro level, created from pieces of the two universes, depending on what is focused upon. It's not a winner takes all, it's a huge compromise.

7) What creates focus during a collapse? Any sentient creature can do so. So if in one of the universes a squirrel has located a tasty nut, he'll probably get to keep it, unless a bigger predator attacked the poor squirrel in the other universe.  Neither action is statistically relevant, so the intensity of the event decides.

This explains why scientists are always finding things where their theory says it should be.

And why positive attitudes do help you have a better life.

8) Collapses are not limited to two. It's just easier to discuss small numbers. During time lags in the same event (like driving to work) a hundred universes can occur and then collapse leaving only one in the end. This is called a Time Event. An event can't be collapsed until all time variances play out. Thus, it could take days to close out an event.

For a human these can result in 'lost time' moments, Deja Vue, and predictions of the future.

9) The last Time Event will normally win out since these are similar situations, just occurring at slightly lagging times. But if a sentient focuses hard on one of the outcomes, then when the event is over that will probably be selected. 

In my Multiverse series, time events are used to actually change what happens, but that's harder than it sounds. To make a significant, statistically important change, they needed a sentient being that's capable of seeing across the various universes and isolate the same event that's playing out on different time lags. 

But that's not enough, because each universe will have it's own sentient who only lives in that universe, they will likely do the same thing as those before have done unless they have reason to act differently. Now it's possible they will get a flat tire which saves them from a forty car pile up that kills the person in all other universes, but I doubt their intense focus on a flat is going to be nearly as intense as the other 99 versions who focused on a forty car crash up.

Thus, in my book, I have a sentient who was born to manipulate universes. However, that alone won't save the day, because the lesson learned from the prior version of him won't be able to share what he knows with the new version of him from another universe lagging even further behind in time. 

What I needed was a sentient who doesn't forget anything that happens. Who is the same sentient in all probabilities and can thus tell my focusing sentient what to do or not to do.

In my story, Drogan is the one who can see across universes, and the Sargon bull Blue remembers all that happens in all possible universes. The two together can change history within a time event. 

Drogan, the seer of Multiverses. (to the left)

Blue, the Sargon who never forgets anything.

Without these two, none would have survived Surviving Sojourn, and they will be needed in the future as well.

Which brings me to a final point about Multiverses. While the universes nearby will be familiar, the further away you reach the less familiar anything will be. And given the large variations of animals on earth, there is no reason you should expect the sentient beings to look human. The one thing we know is that life is determined and creative. For all the successful universes, this should be true.

10) My final observation of a Multiverse is that

what we perceive is but a small segment of the universe, which leaves us unaware of it's true shape. Here's my attempt to portray it:
 Hope you've enjoyed having your mind blown.

Here is my upcoming Multiverse Series

And here are some pictures of characters.
This is Tamara when she returns to the farm and reunites with her Soul-bond after six years of absence. She was murdered many years ago, but since the other half of her soul remains with Saran, she continues to exist as a spirit. 
This is Saran, Tamara's Soul-Bond
(That means their souls have co-mingled so they share one soul between two bodies)

This is Dmitri, an honest, hardworking rancher. He first married Tamara, years ago, not realizing she was a soul-bond. Then she died, but remained with him as a ghost.

When Saran meets and marries Dmitri as well, they bond as three and now Tamara can control billions of molecules. Thus, she can emulate a warm blooded woman instead of a spirit.

Together, they are Tamsarandem, the only 3 soul-bond in all the Multiverses and an incredibly powerful soul.

This is Tamsarandem's 1st born
Kyros-the future King of Terranue
He likes to wrestle with the Sargon bulls.

This is True when she first became an animal handler. She's able to control any animal with charm and mental powers. (The blue bull is Time Span, Blue's favorite offspring.)

This is True when's she's a bit older. Ky's in love with the adorable young woman
who is not exactly what she seems.
But without question, she is the happiest person anyone has ever met.

This is Sojourn,
He is second born, which oddly makes him the oldest since he has all his parents memories, and they were older when he was conceived. Thus, they joined and grew him into a man of twenty-four while Kyros was only grown to the age of sixteen.

When you first meet this young woman, she's a Princess, but in during the series she becomes
The Empress of the Universe and Sojourn becomes her consort.

Together, these and many more people and species join for exciting adventures through space in the Multiverse Series.


  1. I'm excited, and can't wait.

    However, I believe that your concept of the Multiverse doesn't define who's perceiving the universes. It's my own theory that you've described exactly what happens for each sentient creature: each has his/her/its own multiverse.
    A discussion about statistical relevance would be interesting; I can envision that an event in 4000BC might well be crucial, so it's not as clear to me that time from the event necessarily makes it less relevant.

    But it's an interesting set of ideas you posit, and I await the books.


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