Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Options other than Earth

Today, I'm discussing our options. Let's face it, Earth is doomed. So seriously what are our options?

Let's check out the ring around Saturn. Did you know Saturn has 62 moons.

Makes Earth look down right wimpy in comparison!

The latest potential planet that might support life is....

Hello, I'm Enceladus.

I know, I look like Earth in your near future. But do you see those pot marks on my ice covered skin?

Steam puffs out of them, which means warm water must lurk beneath my ice. So if you bring a ship that can live underwater, you can hang with me for awhile. No one is quite sure how long I'll be warm, since they don't actually know why I am warm. All they know for sure is that there is steam that spews out my pot holes. It has been analyzed by one of the many robots you keep sending out. The analysis of the substance collected suggests the water sits on a really hot core, and there might be life on me already.

So stop on by and try me out!  

WARNING: Ice crust is 30-40 kilometers thick
so getting to the warm 10 kilometer deep ocean won't be easy.

Or you could lurk deep in your poisoned ocean in a ship for a million years. 

Bet you're sorry that you dumped uranium in the depths of your ocean, now.

I wonder what you'll look like after 333,000 generations living in deep water with your uranium. 

On second thought, maybe you should stop by me. Don't forget to bring a giant drill, so you can even reach my warm ocean.

You might think about growing gills like this fellow from the 4th Dimension of Earth:

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  1. By now, many of the moons in the solar system have evidence for water. Even Ceres may have!


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