Tuesday, August 4, 2015

An excerpt from Book 2 of the Multiverses: Surviving Outbound

I'm sharing bits of Book 2, Surviving Outbound today. Hope you enjoy!

Meet Tamara

Outside the shaman’s gates, food was so scarce that people were eating anything—rats, dogs, even humans to survive. Her sweet soul-bond didn’t need to know the hell Earth had fallen into. But it made Tamara realize their destiny.
She had to get Saran off this planet before the shaman’s wall gave way to the people desperate to escape the cities.

At one time, everyone had scorned the poor farmers who worked so hard, yet could barely afford a new outfit, while the cities were filled with the rich and decadent. But then Earth’s poles reversed, which diminished the electromagnetic shield that had protected the planet from the sun’s power bursts. With Earth exposed to magnetic storms, the electrical grids fried along with all the databases attached to them. In a blink of an eye, all over the world, trillions of electronic dollars disappeared forever. Every modern economy fell, and chaos erupted.

Only the lands possessed by the shamans remained unchanged. They’d never used data banks or electricity. They kept bank records on written ledgers and used bartering and the currency of silver for goods.

Tamara approached and studied their only possession of value: Blue. She’d bought the massive blue bull eight years ago. Even though she possessed strong mind-speak and could control any animal, even as a calf Blue had always been a handful. In the last six years, he had grown into a massive beast, no longer controllable through mind commands. He could be reasoned with, but no one, not even Tamara, could force him to obey. She feared no ship would take him now. She could only pray the shaman would perceive how special this bull was and allow him to accompany them. 

They escape and head for the town of Caldone. Before they make it out of the woods, they meet Tamara's husband, Dmitri.  He's a handsome fellow, don't you agree?

I could look at him all day, only I need to go let people know that book one is on sale for 99 cents this week. (Aug 3-9).

What? You want an excerpt from book 1 as well.
Your wish is my command.

Athena smiled at her discovery of a small water-based planet with a heavy atmosphere similar to Zepwick’s. It also had an excellent magnetic shield protecting it from the two suns that warmed this system.

Technically, it was a moon of a large gaseous planet, and would have been a block of ice if not for the second sun. With just a few adjustments, it would be perfect for the Oceanics.

Knowing humans would eventually need to arrive on the planet and take Drogan with them when they left, she tugged a portion of the molten-hot core of the planet upward, creating an underwater volcano to establish a moderate-sized island fifteen feet above the ocean.

She gathered thick piles of fish shit and rotted sea plants, placing it over the pockmarked lava rock. Then, selecting a few promising plants from beneath the ocean, she modified them for land survival and scattered them about the barren island.  She smiled at her work. By the time the humans arrived, the island would make a lovely stopping point.

Drogan meets up with our humans in book 4, Surviving Sojourn. And DON'T FORGET, BOOK 1 IS ONLY 99 CENTS THIS WEEK!

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