Sunday, August 2, 2015

Liza shares great news about her Multiverse Series

Great news about my new series.

Reviewers love book 1: The Gods of Probabilities

5 Stars
"A combination of science fiction, fantasy, and mythology, The Gods of Probabilities is a wonderful debut into science fiction for author Liza O'Connor. The characters, both the Gods and the Oceanics, are extremely well developed,
Drogan being by far my favorite. The world building, or should I say worlds, is fabulous. A feat that is not easy."

5  Stars
Once again, O’Connor manages to tell a fast-paced story full of adventures and interesting facts and emotional depth that will stay in my mind for a long time. ... There is much to learn from this book, but you’ll be so engrossed that you won’t realize that until after you’ve finished it in one go. The scientific facts and hidden messages are always lurking, but never taking center stage, so this is a terrific read that is both entertaining and enlightening.

And here are some of the characters you'll meet in book 1:
Meet the Gods...

Security officer

cranky fellow

Medusana -Jr. Style officer
Worthless God

The best shepherd

And the fun continues in book 2: Surviving Outbound.
Available in Presale now,
Releasing Aug 3

 Saran along with her ‘not dead, just no longer human’ soul-bondTamara, and their giant blue bull leave in search of a handler so Blue can escape Earth and travel outbound. The man Saran meets and falls in love with turns out to be Tamara’s husband. Their spiritual joining of three sets into play a prophecy written long ago. Together, they become Tamsarandem, the most powerful soul-bond in all the multiverses.  

The shamans pay for their voyage to Terranue, an unknown planet, never before colonized by humans. In return, Tamsarandem must look after the other colonists and help them to prosper and find their Paths of Light. They will need to do this mostly on their own, for the Gods are running out of authorized interventions. However, the God Pane, with the help of the sentient ship-computer, Marybell, constantly search for clever workarounds to ensure The Path of Light will reign supreme upon the final collapse. But there is only so much they can do within their bureaucratic rules.

Having failed to stop Tamsarandem from leaving Earth, those who walk the Path of Darkness embed their own people, including their darkest lord, on the ship to ensure it will never arrive at Terranue.

 Here are some of the fabulous characters you'll meet in book 2:
First meet the Soul-bond of Three, Tamsarandem


Little know facts:

The Soul Bond of Three is unique in all the multiverses. When they have babies, they have to age them into adults because they are born with all the memories of their three parents and do not wish to reside in clumsy baby bodies. And speaking as the writer, they caused me a great deal of trouble with POV since they actually do know what each other think and feel. 

Meet Blue-The King of Terranue 
He forgets nothing.
In fact, he remembers all possibilities
even those that collapse.

Be warned: When universes collapse, the sensation can be most disturbing if you happen to be in collapsing universe because your reality will change.

Shaman Troy- their spiritual leader is a young shaman with immense responsibility to ensure the Path of Light remains upon final collapse.

Meet the next generation of leaders

These two long to marry, but others wish them to delay it for years.
The Gods of Probabilities

Surviving Outbound

Seriously, don't you want to spend some time with my fabulous characters?


  1. Wonderful series. I can't wait for the next installment!!

  2. Marybell and Pane are so wonderful together. Too bad our planet doesn't have such amazing shepherds watching over us!

  3. Looks and sounds fabulous. Tweeted and FB shared.

  4. The planet Zepwich is Earth. The Gods named it Zepwich, We named it earth, and the oceanics named it Oceana, but they've left, so now we are the only one who doesn't know the planets real name.


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