Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Update on Philae and his Weird Parents.

We are all busy, but it's time to check up on our favorite space family. No, not Pluto. The more amazing space family: The indomitable Philae and fabulous mom, Rosetta, and dead beat father, Kid Rock.

Above is a picture of Kid Rock, and man does he appear to blowing off a lot of steam. Like many of our rocker musicians, he's not aging well. (It's the lifestyle.) Honestly, in pics before, he's just looked like an ill-shaped blob. However, this is the first time I can see a head with a clear set of eyes, a rather huge nose, and wrinkled lips. Man, or should I say rock, is he aging badly. 

It also appears he is playing an air guitar. Let me turn the pic so it's more apparent.

But what about Philae?

Is he still alive and bobbing about his dad? I've interrogated the ESA and they admit Philae has been silent since July 9th. Some think while his dad let off steam  he may have knocked poor Philae about.

I'm going on record Kid Rock is not a good parent.
They are hopeful that Kid Rock will knock off more steam and send Philae to a better place. No, not heaven. They are scientist. They want Philae to land someplace they can contact him. But he lost half his transmission capabilities, so even if that happens I'm not sure how much sense he'll make. 

They'll reached their warmest approach to the sun on August 13th, and I don't think anyone thinks Philae can survive that.

So what about Rosetta? How is she taking matters? She's been taking pics of Kid Rock...no shocker there. Although Kid Rock may have complained, because she's be slapped with restraining order and told to move further away from him. She took the pic above on July 30, 2015. Then ESA ordered her to move back.

Wow, she dumped Philae off nearly a year ago, and has spent this year in total stalker mode. Poor Philae, with such parents he was doomed from the start.

I have to admit, I see nothing but disaster in the future.

For those interested in my past reports on this dysfunctional family:


  1. I didn't think Philae would awaken so I'm holding out hope for him to come back and surprise us once again! Thank you for the update! (By the way, most new parents are baby stalkers.... My mom had a whole photo album just of my first year-the year before my sister was born). From then on, no one else even had a whole album. By the time Mel was born, she got maybe half a page! And we were in most of those photos!

    1. Same with me. I was rarely photographed and it was almost only with my siblings. However, my school pics were of me alone, so I treasured those.


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