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The Blue Moon Bloghop-

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Marybell the organic life form that runs the God's ship wants to take you on the tour. She is very friendly unless you insult her beloved Pane. (She's very protective of him and might dump you out of the ship if you scream upon sight of the furry fellow.) Otherwise, Marybell is a bit sarcastic, sometimes scolding, but in general a very loving person (at least to Pane). Most importantly, she keeps us all alive as we travel through the four books. So let's get started because Marybell has NO patience.

I'm Marybell. That's me in the background. I'm an organic ship. In the foreground is Pane. Isn't he handsome? 
He's very clever too. No one who left Earth/Oceana would have survived without my beloved.


We took Drogan and most of the children to a lovely blue water planet which they named Oceania after their former planet.

Drogan befriended one of the two Octopuses in their new water world, which assured their survival. He was most brilliant, even as a little guy.


Next we had to help save a ship of humans headed to a new planet. The journey turned out to be far more hostile than any of us expected. None would have survived if not for my beloved Pane.


Once the colonists landed they had a great deal of deadly issues to address. Fortunately, the Soul-bond of Three and a giant blue bull named Blue were in charge of the colonists. Upon arrival, Blue declared himself King of their new planet. Since most of the colonists couldn't hear his telepathic voice, the Soul-bond of Three were put in charge of the humans. 

I'm telling you now, no one else could have pulled the settlers together and survived. Upon arrival, the planet seemed perfect with two blue moons and plenty of vegetation. The Sargons warned them that only lasted for two seasons, the other three seasons would bake, freeze and pummel them to death. Fortunately, the Sargons helped them survive. (Sargons looked like King Blue, except a bit smaller and not as enlightened)

King Blue

While the Sargons improved under Blue's guidance, some of the humans actually degraded and became a threat to the survival of the colonists. Dmitri, the male of the Soul-bond of Three, didn't like dealing with some of the people. They were way too whiny. So he passed the job to a bossy fellow who seemed to like the job. 

Surviving Sojourn

The final book is the author's favorite. I like it best as well, but I have to warn you, it's a wild ride. Everything seemed to fall apart at once, and only with great effort, creative use of collapsing universes, and clever thinking did we survive.

The bossy fellow decided he wanted to be the big boss and began to plot ways to 'fire' the Soul-bond of Three, claiming they weren't needed anymore. 

We also had to rescue poor Drogan from a Space Station sewer, only our rules of engagement restricted how many times we could save a particular sentient and we were out of saves for Drogan.  Worse yet, he was critical for saving the Multiverse. 

Fortunately, my clever Pane figured out how to get a pack of Dire Wolves to rescue Pane instead. It's always tricky when dealing with Dire Wolves, but these held up their end of the bargain.

And then things get really crazy and it looks like we nor any sentients in the multiverse will survive. But with all these bright people and my own incredible brilliance, we'll try very hard to save the Multiverses so you can go on with your lives and the author can write more about our doings. 

Thank you for stopping buy and reading to the end. If we ever meet, I will take you to Mars to check out the floating spoon. It is one of Thousand Wonders of the Milky Way Galaxy.

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  1. Goodness, Marybell. That's a lot of adventures. You'd best never retire!

  2. Marybell responds: Oh, I gave you but a glimpse. You wouldn't believe all the things I didn't share!

  3. A fun series - multiversal romance?

  4. Oh, I do love Drogan. He is so much fun. :)

  5. Excellent rundown of the adventures and I like Pane, quite the handsome fellow :)

    1. Oh Dear, now Marybell wants to take you to Mars to check out the floating spoon. Only we need you to remain on earth creating new books for us to read.


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