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Lea Kirk shares Salvation & lots of pics. LOTS of PICS

Don’t you think it is so cool to see big stars or famous people coming out to support a cause they believe in? Usually, it’s a charity, but I particularly love the ones who will go to some kid’s prom with them. Something about that is incredibly sweet.
If you think about it, things like this have occurred throughout human history—famous people using their powers for good to help out the average Joe. Even the Bible sites cases such philanthropy. Queen Esther is one of my personal favorites. More recently, the USO tours brought the stars to our soldiers beginning in 1941. Men and women like Bob Hope, Mae West, Frank Sinatra, and Ginger Rogers stepped out of their comfort zones to entertain our troops overseas. (Side note: Did you know that the USO became a reality on February 4, 1941 through a Presidential order by FDR?)
Nowadays, stars still step out to support the causes they are passionate about. But, you can imagine my surprise to discover some of the Avengers coming out in support of my recently released book, SALVATION! No, seriously! I thought I had kept the whole Hello Kitty thing under tight wraps, but they must have discovered it. I wonder if it was the time I was working on my laptop at that shawarma restaurant…?
Never mind. My point is, how else would you explain this?

And this?

Or even this?

Heck, they all got into it, including the supporting cast.

 Well, I thought that was all pretty cool, then I discovered this one!

(By the way, Tom Hiddleston is in my “Dream Cast” to play Vyn Kotas, the villain from my first book, PROPHECY.)
Okay, okay, even I have to admit the evidence here is purely circumstantial, but is there a better reason why they’d all dress up this way?
More about Lea Kirk’s book, SALVATION

A blessing and a curse…
Seven years ago, a single moment changed the course of Nicholaus Bock’s life forever—the moment his preternatural Gift to heal awakened in him. A gift that made him an invaluable commodity to the known galaxy. Now his mentor’s intriguing and secretive new student goes out of her way to challenge his loyalty to everything he values.
A dark secret…
After facing death and destruction during the Anferthian invasion, Sakura Yamata revels in her new-found Gift to heal. Helping Earth’s survivors keeps her mind off the loss of her family, and the memory of the terrible choices she made. Nick could penetrate her defenses and discover what she’s hiding. She must not let the handsome healer close enough for that to happen.
A race facing annihilation…
When a mysterious disease strikes the hidden sanctuary of the Anferthian dissenters, Nick and Sakura are called in to help. But someone is going to great lengths to ensure the dissenters don’t survive. Nick and Sakura must set aside their differences and work together to save them before the fragile peace between three worlds is shattered.
SALVATION, Book Two of the Prophecy Series is available at these fine retailers:
B&N: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/salvation-lea-kirk/1124433546

Excerpt from SALVATION

Nick stifled a yawn and knuckled his eyes. “Why the hell are we doing this?”
“Is that a rhetorical question?” The knife in Sakura’s hand glided over the surface of a piece of bread, spreading a thin layer of homemade mayonnaise.
“Yes…no. Hell if I know.”
“Because Magister Dacian asked us.”
Well, duh. “I know that. I also know that something must have happened to the Anferthians, but what? And despite our ‘immense talent’, as Dante put it to me earlier, why would they send two Terrian healers to deal with it? It’s not like Terrians have any great love for the Anferthians. Hell, the Matirans don’t either, but they do have a higher tolerance of the ’Ferths.” Of everyone, really.
“We are doing this to save lives.” She placed a hefty helping of sprouts on the sandwiches.
He frowned and curled his lip. “We’ll be using our Gifts to save Anferthian lives.”
“Are you planning to run away again?”
A wave of anger surged through him. “What?”
She shrugged. “You did it once already, and you clearly do not care much for Anferthians, so why would I not suspect you might do it again?”
He slammed his open hand on the surface of the counter. “I know some Anferthians, Saku, and I consider them friends. But if it’s those Arruch bastards we’re supposed to help, let them die.”
Her lips thinned and a faint tinge of pink appeared on her cheeks. “I do not li—”
“Do you know what Arruch means?”
The corners of her mouth pulled down, and she shook her head.
“It means ‘sublime’.” He barked a short humorless laugh, and plowed his hand through his hair. “Sublime. Well, there’s nothing sublime about what they did to us, to our planet. They killed seven billion Earthlings, including my parents.”

Author Bio and Social Media
Lea Kirk loves to transport her readers to other worlds with her science fiction romances. Her fascination with science fiction began at six years old when her dad introduced her to the original Star Trek TV series. She fell in love with the show, and was even known to run through her parents’ house wearing the tunic top of her red knit pantsuit and her white go-go boots pretending to be Lieutenant Uhura. By nine years old she knew she wanted to be a writer, and in her teens she read her first romance and was hooked.
Ms. Kirk lives with her wonderful hubby of twenty-six years, their five kids (aka, the nerd herd), and a Doberman who thinks he’s a people.


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