Saturday, October 22, 2016

Liza Reviews SM Schmitz's Resurrected & Insurrection

Blurb for Resurrected:

Awakened from death. Herself but no longer alone in her own body. Two lives merged into one.

A mistake. An aberration. A miracle.

And a company that wants her dead for existing.

When Dietrich’s fiancée, Lottie, is killed in a car accident, he descends into his own personal Hell until he runs into her in a café two years later. Claiming she isn’t really Lottie but only possesses some of her memories, the young woman offers him an unbelievable story then disappears.

Using his position as a CIA agent to track her down, Dietrich quickly discovers Lottie remembers far more about her past life than she’d originally let on. But his attempt to learn more about the planet she comes from or the woman she is now is disrupted by a group of men from the company that transports people from their home planet to Earth when they find out about her resurrection and attempt to murder her.

Because for Lottie, something went wrong, and her existence threatens their entire business on Earth. And Dietrich’s ultimate second chance with the only woman he’s ever loved will be threatened as well.

In the first book of The Resurrected Trilogy, a sci-fi thriller romance series, Dietrich will rediscover a love that not even death could erase. But he’ll also discover just how far this company is willing to go to protect their secrets.

If I had known what this book was about before I began it, I might not have read it, but fortunately I didn’t have a clue.  When people die, you don’t expect them to resurrect, and we aren’t talking zombies either. We are talking about a freshly dead body being claimed.
What makes the story even more intriguing is that the wife Dietrich buried two years ago is discovered up and walking about, calling herself Charlotte, only she wears the wedding ring he gave Lottie long ago. And she seems so like Lotte, even as she insists she isn’t his wife.
Finally, she confesses, she’s an alien who bought a new life via a dead human body. (Turns out there’s a booming alien business selling freshly dead bodies for resurrection.)
And here is where the story gets really intriguing: Charlotte has retained all of Lotte’s memories and behaviors. That’s not supposed to happen. Naturally, Dietrich & Lotte start to fall in love all over again, matters don’t go easily.  There are other aliens who want to kill Charlotte because she can remember the former owner of the body. So add to unique story line, a wonderful, if not unique, love story, plus some truely suspenseful life and death situations.
I could not put this book down. It held me captive from start to finish.
5 human stars + 5 invisible alien stars.

Blurb for Insurrection:

Eric thought he and his friends were safe from the people who wanted Lottie dead. But he was wrong.

When they all join him in Houston to ring in a New Year, they discover the men who run the transport company on Earth are getting increasingly desperate to eradicate anyone who knows about Lottie’s existence – which means they are all targets now.

To make his life even more complicated, Eric finally meets the woman of his dreams while he’s trying to unravel this new mystery of who wants his friends and him dead now. And he will have to decide between his love for the woman he’s been waiting for and the friends who are depending on him to survive.

Insurrection is the second book in the Resurrected Trilogy and continues the story of Lottie’s resurrection and the dangers she and her friends face because she exists.

The story begins with an excellent recap of book one so if you read it a month ago and can’t remember anything but that you really liked it, you’ll be up to speed in no time at all. It was rather like being handed your favorite pair of fluffy slippers to start out your morning.
The battle continues between the bad aliens and the good aliens, who have the aid of some brave, dangerous humans. 
While I didn’t make note of the smart ass remarks in my first review, I certainly couldn’t overlook them in book two. A lot of serious stuff is going down, and their often absurd, sometimes sarcastic, and occasionally silly comments kept me in good humor, despite their failed attempts to secure the bad aliens, the disappearing people, and other mishaps.
Our guys are lethal too. When Mark, Dietrich and Eric join forces, they are formidable both in actions and repartee.  And Eric finally finds his true love. Whether the smart-mouth can keep her is another question.
 5 human stars + 5 smart ass stars.

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