Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The False Moon of Saturn

Seriously, does this look like a moon? Notice the smoothness of the exterior wings, the pentagon shape, the scars over perfectly indented sections on the top.

These pics come directly from Cassini via the NASA site.

If that is a spaceship, it's a 12-mile wide spaceship. So there is no way anyone on earth made it.

There used to be a movie taken from 22 pictures, but it seems to have been removed now. But they have left us a few pics...

Whoever made this ship, built it to be sturdy and long lasting. 

The tiny 'object/spacecraft' Pan has managed to clear out a 168-mile wide path in Saturn's ring. Were they mineral mining? Is it possible they still are? Some of the ship's fins look to be in bad shape, but the ship itself appears to be in good shape.  Yes, there are scars on its top, but not sufficiently to break it open.

Is it possible they wait for rescue while they continue their job?

Pan was first seen in the 1980-1981 shots by Voyager.
It wasn't seen again until 2004 by Cassini
And now again when Cassini takes a closeup on March 7, 2017 giving us the best pics so far, and the greatest evidence that this is NOT A MOON.

But here is the 'It's a moon' theory:

"Pan looks so messed-up because it actually orbits within a gap in Saturn’s famous rings. As it circles around in that narrow strip, Pan draws in bits of the material and debris that make up the rings with its own meager gravity, and these new additions pile up around the moon’s waist, so to speak."

Keep in mind that the gap is 168 miles and Pan is 12 miles wide. So that very smooth pentagon fin that wraps around it is just "Additions piling up around it's waist."   

To be fair, NASA isn't saying this. It isn't saying anything about PAN's odd shape that I can find. INVERSE said this. Still, I suspect some NASA person said this when being forced to explain the oddity to INVERSE.


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  1. It sure does look like a ravioli. LOL Very interesting post, Liza.


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