Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Clarissa Lakes shares The Narovian Mates Series

The Narovian Mates Series
Erotic Science Fiction Romance

I just released Her Alien Captain at the end of June, the latest installment of my Narovian Mates series. I very much enjoy reading sizzling alien romances as well as writing them. Fated mates is a recurring theme throughout. I wanted to do something a little different. While I was partly influenced by Cheryl Brooks Cat Star Chronicle Series which I devoured in a matter of weeks. My feline humanoids are a little different as is their alternate universe that I created for them.
Novara is a world populated by feline humanoids and homo sapiens. The feline humanoids are genetically compatible and capable of interbreeding with homo sapiens. Set in the present, the Narovians are part of an Alliance that has chosen to protect Earth from unscrupulous aliens while waiting for Earth to mature enough politically and technologically to join the Alliance. 

The feline humanoids of Narova find their true mates - meomee (me-OH-me) through genetic recognition. When the males come into physical contact with their meomee, they produce a combination of pheromones and hormones that give their true mate females an irresistible urge to have sex with them and bond. The catch is, resistance could be fatal.

The Alliance has had a secret base in the Blue Ridge Mountains of what is now West Virginia for 400 years. During that time, many felines have served there and have mated with humans during that time. The result has increased odds that the alien felines will find their fated mates among the local population surrounding their secret base.

There is also a Narovian Matchmaking Service that has a field office on Earth doing ancestral DNA testing and using the results to secretly match Earth humans with Narovian felines. This leads them to Earth to claim their fated mates---for life. It also causes unscrupulous aliens to kidnap some of those mates to hold for ransom.  Between them and the Tenzari slavers, Alliance Law Enforcement is busy trying to keep the people of Earth safe.

Her Alien Captain is one of these stories:
Kidnapped by aliens who sell her into sex slavery to a hideously ugly alien of another species, Jenna Harper is sure her life is over. Enter freighter Captain Farzeke Be'Kal maneuvered by Alliance to rescue Jenna and five other women stolen from Earth. After the Alliance agent he transports to Se'Nar buys all the women from the auction, Captain Be'Kal and Jenna Harper are chagrined to learn they are biological fated mates for life.

Neither one feels ready to make that life time commitment, but it's already too late.

Once Jenna is exposed to his pheromones she must have sex with the feline humanoid or risk death in a matter of days. Is she now doomed to sexual slavery of another kind?

Notice: The Narovian Mates Series is Erotic Romance Set in Science Fiction and contains sexually explicit scenes.

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