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Jessica E. Subject shares Love In A New World.

Writing “What You Know” in Sci-Fi Romance

One of the most common pieces of writing advice I hear is to “Write what you know.” That means to use familiar settings, character types, and experiences. In sci-fi romance, that advice seems impossible when I’m penning tales of aliens, space travel, and serving in the Galactic Military. Some of my stories take place on Earth, but many are set on spaceships or foreign planets, places just as unfamiliar to me as Antarctica. And while I have no idea what it’s like to fly a spacecraft, fight with an evil alien, or even to find out what it’s like to learn the person I have feelings for is an alien, I do know what it’s like to fall in love in my early twenties while I was still trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. That is generally the stage in life my characters are going through, and how I “write what I know.”
In Beyond Reach, Prince Mekai does not want marry his betrothed and flees the planet before his wedding. And Nixie has just finished learning the art of erotic massage and is taking her first clients while not sure if she made the right choice in professions. When they meet, sparks fly, but the secrets they learn about each other could destroy their lives.
Accidental Romance isn’t sci-fi, but Leanne has finished college and is getting ready to take over the family dairy farm. An accident changes her life forever, and she finds love where she least expected.
Missy and RJ have returned home for the summer after their second year of university in It Took a Zombie Apocalypse. While they’ve crushed on each other from across the driveway, their families have always stood in the way of them ever getting together. But when zombies invade their small town, they must depend on each other to survive.
It’s just days before Christmas in Hey, Santa, and Claire is dared by her best friend to ask the sexy mall Santa out so she won’t be lonely over the holidays. Little does Claire know that the man in the costume is from another planet.

So, with all these new events and people in their lives, the characters must make decisions that will be key turning points. It’s not an easy time, and can be made even more difficult while falling in love for the first time. I certainly remember those years. Visit them again with the characters in the five stories included in Love in a New World...

New Adult Romance on Earth and Beyond

by Jessica E. Subject

Release date: July 31, 2017

Genres: New Adult Romance, Anthology

Ebook ISBN: 978-1-988428-07-9
Print ISBN: 978-1-988428-06-2

Cover artist: Fantasia Frog Designs

# of pages: 270 print (268 ebook)


An alien prince, a farm girl, two university students from a small town, and more are all ready to begin their lives as adults. They have everything planned out. But when drastic events crush their dreams, they must carve a new path. And they just might find unexpected love along the way.

Includes the New Adult Romances Beyond Reach, Accidental Romance, It Took a Zombie Apocalypse, Hey Santa, and bonus story Alien Kisses at Midnight.


(It Took a Zombie Apocalypse  PG-13 – 449 words)

“Fifty dollars for a kiss.” RJ held the bill and waved it across the counter. “It goes in the jar if I get a kiss from you.”

“I’d do it for five.” She pointed to the paper sign on the jar. “But if you’re willing to donate more, go ahead.”

He walked into the booth and sat on the bench. “You misunderstand me, Missy. I don’t want a peck on the cheek. I want a real kiss, your lips on mine.”

Her cheeks reddened, making her all the more adorable, and she stepped back. “I, um.... It’s not.... I can’t.”

“It’s one kiss.” He waved the money around again, enjoying her discomfort. “The same money you’d make kissing ten old guys with beards, or ten creeps who gawk at your cleavage when you bend over to kiss them.”

The flush on her face disappeared. Maybe he shouldn’t have included that last observation.
“Hey.” He needed her attention back on him. “One kiss, and you never know, you just might like it.”

“Really?” She placed a hand on his knee then waltzed in front of him with a confidence he’d never seen from her before. “You’re that confident of the power of those full brown lips, are you?”

Before he had the chance to think of a response, she snatched the bill from his hand, leaned between his spread legs, and kissed him. He barely had a chance to close his mouth when it was all over.

“Thank you so much for your support.” Missy curtsied then stuck the money into the collection bottle.

RJ gripped the bottom of the bench, trying to process the fact the kiss had already happened. He’d hoped for so much more.

“Another.” He stood and yanked his wallet from his back pocket. “I’ll give you one hundred dollars if I can kiss you.” Yanking the bill from inside the leather fold, he held it out in front of him to prove he was good for it.

“Now, that’s against the rules.”

Her jaw shifted to the side, but when she tilted her head, he hoped she was actually considering his proposition.

RJ hopped off the bench and took a tentative step forward. He’d didn’t want her to automatically say no. “You know I’ve never played by the rules. Why would I start now?”

With a laugh, Missy playfully pushed on his chest. “You’re trouble, RJ. And you’re looking to get me into trouble with you.”

Returning to the stool, he stared into her crystal-blue eyes and smiled. She hadn’t said no. “Just a kiss.” He nodded to a patch of bushes with a bench set amongst them. “No one will see us over there.”


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Jessica E. Subject is the author of science fiction romance, mostly alien romances, ranging from sweet to super hot. Sometimes she dabbles in paranormal and contemporary as well, bringing to life a wide variety of characters. In her stories, you can not only meet a sexy alien or two, but also clones and androids. You may be transported to a dystopian world where rebels are fighting to live and love, or to another planet for a romantic rendezvous.
When Jessica is not reading, writing, or doing dreaded housework, she likes to go to fitness class and walk her Great Pyrenees/Retriever her family adopted from the local animal shelter.

Jessica lives in Ontario, Canada with her husband and two energetic children. And she loves to hear from her readers. You can find her at


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