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Cynthia A Clement shares aHunter4Fire

aHunter4Hire Series

Imagine what would happen if a group of Elite Alien Warriors crash landed on Earth. This is exactly what occurs in my SciFi Romance Series. These aliens look human, but are larger, stronger, and genetically modified to be the best soldiers in the universe. They come from a planet where women rule and men obey. They’ve been bred to protect all women and children, and live by a Sacred Code that places honor above all else.

Hunters were forbidden to mate on their home planet, but once they land on Earth, they find their one and only pair bond. They will do anything to protect their mate, including dying. As they adjust to life on Earth, they use their unique skills to protect those in need and exact justice.

The seventh book follows Firbin and his mate Marissa as they struggle to stay alive and prevent a deadly weapon from getting into the wrong hands.


He’s bound to his code, but she’s the one he wants. Will love bring them together, or will duty tear them apart?
Firbin is part of the attack on an Albireon stronghold when he rescues Marissa. His expertise in weapons and explosives is needed for the continued skirmish, but he can’t abandon the woman he is starting to bond with ….
The last thing Marissa remembers is speaking with her boss, the CEO of a multi-national oil company. When a new lethal weapon is used against the Hunters, it is imperative that they track down the location of the devices before they are unleashed on the human race. Will Marissa be able to help them locate the deadly armaments?
As the pair work to stay alive, tensions flare and sparks fly. Can Firbin and his team find the weapons before it is too late? Dare Marissa believe that the bond between them is real?


Firbin would be the last to leave.
It was his responsibility to ensure that he destroyed the stairs and any access to the rail system from the base. When he was finished, it would take a long time to clear the debris. Every stone and step was to be demolished to rubble that would clog the entranceway. That would buy them enough time to reach safety.
He was connecting two of the ignition switches when someone sat on the stair beside him. “Aren’t you going with the others?”
Shock and then a shiver of pleasure went through Firbin at the sound of Marissa’s voice. “I must set the charges. You need to leave.”
Marissa took off one of her shoes. “I’m staying with you.”
“It is not safe.”
“You’re here.” She grabbed the heel of the shoe and slammed it against one of the stairs until it broke it off. “There. Now I’m even.”
Firbin looked up with a frown. “I do not understand. How can a person be crooked?”
“My shoes.” Marissa held up a navy pump in one hand and its heel in the other. “Somehow in the scuffle that brought me to this place, the heel of one of my shoes was broken. Now I can walk on my own.”
“You did not like me carrying you?”
Marissa shrugged. “Maybe I liked it too much.”
Firbin grinned. She was an unusual person. Most people in her situation would have rushed away to be with the others where it was safer. Instead, she thought it was safe with him. The only explanation was that she did not understand his work.
“I am the explosives expert.” Firbin placed more of the thermite along the railing. “You need to get a safe distance from me.”
“Are you good?”
“I am a Hunter. We do what is honorable and right.”
Marissa giggled. “I meant are you good at explosives?”
“I am the best.”
“Then there is no need for me to run.”
“It is as you wish.”
Firbin shrugged and continued setting the charges. Time was important and if Marissa wanted to stay beside him, so be it. It was comforting in a strange way. He wasn’t going to force her to do as he asked. She was a woman. Women were to be obeyed.

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About the Author

Cynthia Clement is an award winning author who began writing stories in her teens, but it wasn’t until her forties that she became serious about writing. She believes in second chances, exploring new ideas, and bringing the impossible to life. Her novels, whether historical, contemporary, or science fiction, all focus on love, honor, and intrigue.

She lives in Canada with her husband of thirty-three years, her son, and one dachshund, Norman. She has an eclectic range of interests including paranormal phenomena, ghost hunting, quilting, reading, gardening, and great conversation.

Her first book, The Seduction of Sarah, was a finalist in the HOLT Medallion Best First Book Category. Her book, aHunter4Rescue, has placed first in the 2014 International Digital Awards in the Paranormal Category and received third place in the 2014 ACRA Heart of Excellence Reader's Choice Award, Paranormal Romance Category


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