Saturday, August 12, 2017

Babies in space

Here are the facts:

Studies indicate fertilization could occur in deep space, however, further development of the embryo would not progress in zero and low gravity situations. Instead, the body would reabsorb the cells, resulting in no child.

Titan's gravity is only 14% of Earths, thus without an artificial pull, the re-population of humans would fail.

Here is my solution:

The females going to Titan remained on birth control until they Quantum leap into deep space. (The negative effects of Quantum Leaping requires no female to be pregnant until after they arrive on Titan). 

The two days they spent on the ship as they ascended to Titan's North Pole, they traveled in an artificial gravity that was 80% of Earth's gravity. This was done to improve the chances of fertilization. 

Once they landed, the ship's electromagnetics continue to run an 80% gravity pull. 

However, the humans spend much of their time outside, where gravity is only 14% of earth's. Thus, they wear magnetic boots that produces a field large enough to gently tug them to their boots. The actual pull is calibrated for each human. The female's boots are weighted minimally to 80% if they are potentially pregnant. Otherwise, they may drop the pull to 50% to reduce potential damage due to the electromagnetic force.

Since fertilization was determined not to be constrained by the existence of, nor the lack of gravity, the men are allowed to choose whatever level of gravity that suits them. 

However, the male teenagers were forbidden to change the gravity level selected, until the soldiers had further assessed the dangers of Titan. Colonel Lancaster did not want the boys lowering their gravity pull so they could 'fly', possibly resulting in a wind gust blowing them into the methane lake.

So naturally, the first thing one of the youngest teens does is break the rules.

Early Excerpt for Arrival: Titan

Tamara opened her site finder and frowned as she realized Benjamin wasn’t registering on any of the teams. “Ben, where exactly are you? You were supposed to stay with your team.”

After a long silence, Ben responded. “You should be happy with me. I found life on Titan.”

Lt. Yarrows snapped, “Give me your coordinates, now!”

Dead silence replied.

“Benjamin,” Tamara said softly. “Please give me your coordinates. I need to send a guard to protect you at once.”

Benjamin ignored her. Lt. Yarrows would take him back to the ship, taser him, then lock him up. But he was sick of being treated like an idiot. Hell, he had discovered life on Titan. He should get a medal, not tasered.

He turned to take a picture of the moth, but to his shock, it lifted from the surface and flew towards a rock ledge to his right. Without the moth, he’d be doubly tasered, so he turned down the gravity pull on his boots so he could keep up with the moth.

He noticed a dark opening in the black rocks. Naturally, the moth would choose to go inside. He slowed and quietly entered the dark cave. The only sounds he could make out were from the wind outside, and a piercing high electronic sound somewhere deeper in the cave.

Thankfully, he had turned off his transmitter the first time Yarrows yelled at him. This would give him more time to retrieve his moth before the storm troopers could find him.

As he slowly moved toward the mechanical hum, his infrared light illuminated not just the moth, but a man with blue skin. The fellow turned from the moth and faced him. Ben realized his eyes moved separately, which was a bit creepy, and his nose was very wide. When he spoke, his words made no sense.

Not surprising, given he’d just met what had to be a native Titanian. Great, now he had discovered intelligent life on Titan and absolutely no one was ever going to believe it. There was no way he could capture this fellow and take him back to the ship. This Titanian fellow had really long arms and legs. He suspected he’d be eight feet tall if he stood up from the rock he sat upon.

Hope you enjoyed the peek.

The series will be coming out in early 2018

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