Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Beautiful, Strange, Jupiter

Beautiful, strange, Jupiter

In my story, the planet is actually a sophisticated eye in the sky allowing visual contact with the ships mining Saturn's rings. And the red spot is a giant incinerator to get rid of unwanted items.

I know you think I've gone off the deep end.
Well, I'm allowed to. I write FICTION!

Have you seen the penetrating images of the South Pole?

There appears to be various alien faces magnified in in the South pole. I'm not saying there are giant creatures IN Jupiter. I'm saying that perhaps Jupiter is an electronic device, rather than an actual planet. An 'eye in the sky' if you will.
Supporting that, there are new findings that indicate Jupiter may not have any core at all.
What if it is just a powerful source of chemicals that can capture and send clear messages back to a home planet in a different Galaxy.

In my story, Perv watches over Saturn's solar system.
Yes, that would also be Earth's solar system, it's all in the perspective of the sentient's mind set. Perv actually resides in a far away galaxy, but just like we can skype, Perv can communicate with those on Saturn's moon and rings via a very large satellite, which we call Jupiter.  In fact, you can actually see Perv in Jupiter's south pole below.
If you asked me to describe Perv, he looks like a big eyed, red faced, stubby-nosed lizard with huge fangs. But otherwise, he behaves like most other male sentients. 
In his case, he likes to see through female sentients' clothes and admire their naked form. 
Thus, his name: Perv.

I swear, I did not alter the pic below. Go to Nasa.gov if you don't believe me.
Why is it that we don't see Perv when we admire the planet Jupiter? Simple. The beautiful mosaic of Van Gogh creations are only there to sooth the various sentients. 
But behind the paintings, on the South Pole, 
Perv is watching...always watching!

Here's a video, with just the facts, rather than my what ifs.  And don't scold me for my what ifs. I write science fiction, not facts, which is a good thing since we are still a bit shaky on facts.



  1. I love your posts on planets. Easy to understand for those of us who nod off during science lectures. ;)


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