Friday, April 27, 2018

Meet Drogan, the sexiest, coolest, smartest and nicest sentient you'll ever meet.


This was the original cover, only it didn't match the other covers of the series, so sadly I changed it.

So I changed it to this:

I’ve a great deal of characters I love in The Multiverses Series, but my favorite is Drogan, because in book 1 he saves his people from extinction when he is just a two-foot-long child and transports them to a new world where they will thrive.  Then later, in book 4, he saves all the humans on Terranue, although most of them don’t even realize that.

So let me tell you a bit about Drogan…

First, I’ll tell you what Drogan isn’t: He’s not human, but neither is he a merman. He’s a water based, blue-skinned humanoid. Yes, his toes and fingers have a thin layer of skin between the fingers that goes about halfway up the digits to improve swimming in the ocean. His nails are sharp curved claws, which make it easy to grab fish. He also has both gills and lungs so he can swim deep in the ocean or walk on dry land.

When Drogan reaches his full height (slightly taller than a human) he joins the crew of an Outbound ship. Unfortunately, no matter how nice he is, the crew hates him and Captain Longfellow has to drop him off on a space station.

Drogan comes very close to dying on the station, but the Gods intervene and he’s rescued by a pack of dire wolves the station uses to quell riots. Turns out the dire wolves are much nicer than the humans who live on the station. Upon learning about poor Drogan, the wolves share their food and water and keep him safe from harm during his stay in their basement lair.

Once he recovers, Cass, the ghost, helps to sneak him back onto Longfellow’s ship. She can’t enter him into the ship’s database because ghosts can’t type. So Drogan is not technically a crewmember and thus is never paid for his work, but on the positive side he remains healthy and better yet, Zousan’s evil father Cronus stops trying to kill him since he believes the fellow is already dead.

Finally, when Sojourn comes on board, Drogan makes his first friend among the humans. And they’ll remain friends forever. Thus proving, the inability to make friends was not Drogan’s fault, only the rest of the crew are a bunch of hateful Xenophobes and jerks.

What I love most about Drogan is that despite his amazing brilliance, he does not value his life over others and is most humble and caring to all. This is unusual for someone this smart. Extreme brilliance usually comes with arrogance and a lack of empathy.

Drogan’s total focus is on preserving The Path of Light so all creatures will have a happy future. This is his calling, and he is willing to die for it, which he proves over and over. I cannot count the times he nearly dies or does die. Fortunately, he is highly valued by the Gods, and they have directly saved him, or instructed others to do so many times.

Someday in the future, I have great hopes he will meet a female who will be his mate forever. His chances are much greater in the Search for Sentients Series, because he will be top science officer, many of the crew will be female, and there won’t be a single Xenophobe in the crew of what is unquestionably the finest ship that humans have ever flown.

Drogan designed it so they can cross both dimensions and multiverses with ease. He understands quantum physics better than any sentient alive.

 I had planned to write a whole new series as noted above, only this particular series didn't catch on with my readers. The people who did read it, loved it. I think the problem might have been book 1 is a bit campy with little water babies.  But I needed to tell the odd birth of those water babies before the story could progress. 

If it ever starts getting reads again, I'll start writing the next series that carries the story further into space. 

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