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Saving Terranue by Liza O'Connor

The Oddities of Terranue

There’s a lot of strange issues with the planet Terranue.

First, the entrance into Terranue is very rough, far rougher than it should be. And the pilot could tell you if you’re friends with him, that the roughness occurs when they fly into a thick orange haze. But why is there a thick haze? When they land the sky is blue and the sun is shining.

Second, there are T. rexes, giant grizzly bears the size of elephants, and saber-tooth lions roaming about the planet.

Third, there are five seasons, three of which are deadly.

Marybell, the organically grown sentient computer, carbon dates the planet and it is considerably older than the universe it is in. How is that even possible?

There are also blue bulls on the planet (Sargon), who look a great deal like the large blue bull that Tamsarandem (a Three-bonded soul) brought with them, and the oldest bull claims he can remember back to the very first big bang. That’s a great deal older than this universe.

Also Zousan’s father, the conniving cheating Cronus, has planted something terrible inside the planet that will destroy everything in a short while.

As matters play out, from these facts, Marybell postulates the following: a) The First God is alive, b) doesn’t like cheaters and c) supports The Path of Light.

Or maybe they’re just incredibly lucky? In the Multiverses, anything can and will happen.

What do you think?  Could an ancient planet just appear in a new universe?

Surviving Terranue
Liza O’Connor


Leading a colony of frightened people on a new world is rarely easy. The human colonists of Terranue have as their leader, Tamsarandem, the only Soul-bond of Three that has ever existed. Unfortunately, some perceive the innate kindness in the shaman’s choice of leaders as a weakness, thus, challenges begin. From the moment they arrive on the planet, self-survival instincts take hold among the colonists, putting the survival of the colony at risk.

To survive, they must act for the good of the colony rather themselves, even when their natural instincts tell them to do the opposite. First, they must befriend the dominant intelligent life form on the planet, long-haired blue cattle, only slightly smaller than the blue bull Tamsarandem brought with them. Second, they must find a way to survive three of the planet’s five seasons. Otherwise, they’ll be baked, frozen, and pummeled to death. Third, they must protect themselves from the giant bears, saber tooth lions, and T. rexes that roam their planet. But worst of all, deep within the planet, a seed of evil grows, waiting to devour every living creature on the surface.

Every day in their new paradise is a challenge to survive. Despite all the advantages the Gods have provided, success is neither easy nor certain, and people are rarely as good as they need to be.


Pane relays the facts he’s determined to his captain:
“The planet has several lethal lifeforms, some sentient, some half sentient, and some not so bright.”

“Start with the sentient,” Zousan ordered.

“There are large blue cattle, much like the blue bull that accompanied Tamsarandem.”

“That’s odd.”

“Not really. A DNA analysis we did twenty years ago indicated the bull called Blue is the same species, only healthier, larger, stronger, and smarter.”

“Well, that’s not going to make him popular,” Zousan grumbled.

“On the positive side, he’s not a smartass,” Pane offered.

“Which means…?”

“He is more likely to dominate and take control of the other bulls rather than barb with witty comments. Assuming that is his intention, I left tablets for the shaman to help assist him in succeeding in his tasks. I thought this important given the huge pile of bones that lay in their valley.”

Zousan didn’t like the sound of that. “Explain, please.”

“The planet appears to have had or still has T. rexes. The foliage is very dense in some places and I’m not able to get a read if they still exists. However, there are over a thousand skulls of T. rexes in one section of the blue bulls’ valley, some of them recently dead, so I suspect, they still exist and the bulls, while considerably smaller, have some way to kill them.”

“Have you picked up any signs of a live one?” Zousan asked. His anger flared recalling how several of his idiot Gods got into a competition supersizing everything on planet Zepwick. What a bloody nightmare that had been. Fortunately, the planets cyclical deep freeze took care of the problem. While some of the animals survived, they did so in smaller size. While still lethal, they at least didn’t eat an entire campsite of humans for each meal.

“The scan didn’t pick up signs of live ones, but as I said, the foliage is preventing clear scans of the planet.”

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Liza is a multiple genre author of 40+ novels.

After ten years of doing nothing but writing novels, she is now attempting to publish 11 books a year in various genres: Contemporary, Historical, Western, Sci-Fi, Paranormal and crossovers between one genre to another. Fearless and determined, she strives to find books you will love.

Liza’s favorites books in her library are:
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 A Long Road to Love is a humorous Contemporary Disaster Romance series of five books.

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