Thursday, November 7, 2013

Liza wants to know why yawning is contagious.

 Since I'm tired and overworked, I decided to find out why yawns are contagious, because even my dogs yawns are contagious to me. No, that's not my dog....I it's a rabid rabbit.
For those of you who read this by email, here's a link:

Turns out it's not just fatigue that makes you yawn, but our sense of empathy. Thus, when I yawn when my dog yawns, it means: "I hear you, Jess. I feel your pain. I want a nap too."

I challenge you NOT to yawn when watching this video.

Yawning time is over!  What's a good cure...oh, I know:
Hopefully that makes you want to go buy the book.  If you are still yawning, I cured myself with dark chocolate.
Leave me a message and tell me if you're yawning now.

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