Saturday, November 23, 2013

Weird stuff going on like a 6 tailed comet.

The more we discover, the less we understand. I wonder if scientists are feeling discouraged by this, or invigorated, because now they can speculate to their hearts content. 

Today, I contemplate a comet with 6 tails. Why do the tails head off in different directions? What is it made of? Is it rotating or being still? What does it neighbors think of it's public display?

First, let me set the scene. 6 Tails, that's what I've named the comet because P/2013 P5 is an impersonal name which will make the poor thing feel like an object. 

Some bored scientist was nice enough to help make sense of what we are seeing.

That helps so much, right? I especially appreciate the 2 dimensional compass when working in space. 

6 Tail lives in the inner Asteroid Belt. I hear that's a rough neighborhood.

I have to tell you, to me, that looks scary as hell. This is what the United Nations is going to protect us from? Seriously, we are so doomed. How can we even get past that rock guard? 

So here's my new theory: We are in Space Jail. Our former selves did something really bad. And you know we are capable of being quite horrible, so don't pshaw me. Just look at that fence someone has put between us and the rest of space. 

We were probably placed on Mars initially, because Earth was a giant snow ball.  Then as the sun grew hotter, and Mars kept getting pounded with asteroids, we moved to Earth...or maybe someone moved us.

Which gets me back to 6 Tail. I don't think it's a comet. I think it's a space guard ship responsible for keeping us inside our jail.

Space Rep: Your theory falls apart because the asteroid belt is a BELT, not a blanket.  We can fly above or below it.  We are not in jail.

Liza: But perhaps they don't know that, given all our maps are two dimensional. Perhaps they believe we are two-dimensional, shallow, but dangerous creatures.

Space Rep: You have a point.

Liza: Or two, but this ship pretending to be an a comet appears to be going in six directions at once. And don't even tell me that fellow is rotating, but if it were it would have dust clouds curling around it.  No, it's watching us using it's six engines to retain perfect sync with us. 

I don't mean to sound paranoid, but we are being watched.

Space Rep: Excuse me, but do any of you humans know of a good therapist for space paranoia? 


  1. Excellent post! Your space guard idea has merit! lol - thanks for another entertaining science post!

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment. So many of my readers have tentacles or flippers and cannot post.


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