Thursday, March 6, 2014

Liza O'Connor interviews Never Gonna Say Goodbye by Jessica Subject

Welcome Space bums, today I'm interviewing?

Liza: Space Rep! Why doesn't my banner tell me name of the book I'm interviewing.

Space Rep: I've made a few improvements. Now we can bring in books from as far away as 600 billion light years. However, that takes so much power, that it would sterilize me if the transporter sat inside your ship, and someday I hope to have a family.

Liza: Not in my ship you won't.

Space Rep: True. It wouldn't be right to bring a wife and children into a junk heap. But someday, someone might rescue me and take me to a better ship, and when that day comes, I don't wish to be sterile just because I was curious what space peeps were writing near the beginning of the big bang.

Liza: So I'm expected to float outside to interview the book while I go bouncing around like Sandra Bullock?

Space Rep: Not necessary.  I have the small transporter hooked up to the sterilizer.

Here we are...

Liza: Nothing happened.

Space Rep: Opps, forgot to plug it in.

TA DA!   Whoa!

Liza: I know this book. It won the Best Sci-Fi/Futuristic story from LR Cafe Awards. Welcome Neve...may I call you Neve?

Book: What a dump. Did someone throw me away in a trash container? Love is universal people!

Space Rep: Liza can hear you and she tends to be cranky.

Book: Nonsense. Humans aren't capable of hearing a book's thoughts. They must read our printed words, or pay someone with a pleasing voice to read our words aloud.

Liza: No, in this case, Space Rep is correct. I once ran into a genie and asked for one wish. I wished to be unique and thus she gave me the ability to hear and interview books. I am the only one in the world who can do this. Anyone else who tries, is a poser. 

Space Rep: Told you she was cranky...

Neve: I apologize. I am very pleased to meet you, Liza. How should we do this? Should I tell you about my childhood?

Liza: Please don't. I'm not really into wood pulp fiction. Let's start when you became the award winning book, Never Gonna Say Goodbye.

Neve: Well, first, let me say I'm an erotic, gay, Sci-Fi Dystopian Romance.

Liza: I guessed all of that by your provocative cover. Now tell me something I don't know.

Neve: Would you like my ISBN number?

Liza: No! Tell me what's going on between your pages.

Neve: Rebels, former Planet Core employees, have banded together in The Underground. They fight against the policies of the corporation that owns the lease on their lives. They will have their freedom or they will die trying.

*ruffles pages*

The Rebellion in stirring.

Liza: Interesting, but tell me about the two hunks on the cover. 

Neve: Meet Will Garrison.

Will leads the fight against the control of the corporation. 

Liza: What is he asking for?

Neve: He wants his people to have the right to live and love back.

Liza: That seems more than fair. 

Neve: Sadly, Tim Harris, his lover, former Planet Core medic, disagrees on how to take down the corporation.

Liza: Does Tim not value freedom as highly as Will?

Neve: Tim knows the deception goes beyond the leader of the corporation, but Will refuses to listen.

Liza: Okay, but they have a plan, right?

Neve: Sure, Will plans to lead a small group of the Underground forces through a back door for a lightening raid while Tim’s group provides a distraction.

Liza: That sounds like a good plan. What has Will so worried?

Neve: Will's already been betrayed once. He has no idea who he can trust. If they are betrayed again, it may cost them everything.

Liza: How so?

Neve: If either group fails, the Underground may be crushed under the weight of Planet Core once and for all.

Liza: I hope it works out. May I have a peek between your pages?

Neve: I suppose...

“Let’s do this.” Gun aimed to shoot, Will took a deep breath and stepped inside the portal. The mass pulled his skin in every direction. His stomach churned. And then the sensations ended.
He’d made it. Resting his hand on the closest structure, he inhaled sharply, trying to gain his bearings.

The rest of the team gathered beside him, Brook and Melina the only two not affected by the trip.
“Shit.” He needed to focus, regain control. He blinked hard then glanced around the transporter room. Empty. No one had come to meet them.

“Something’s wrong,” Melina whispered, ready to fire her own weapon. “There is always at least one guard in here.”

“I guess we got lucky.” Dale sauntered to the center of the space, raised his arms and spun in a circle. 
“We are all alone in here. Time to find the fucker and take him down.”

A sudden hiss silenced him. Red light burned his clothing and left a clean, cauterized hole through his chest. His eyes rolled back in his head, and he fell to the ground.

Will rushed in front of the others, shoving them behind the portal.

So much for being alone. How many waited to take them down? He peeked around the structure, weapon at the ready. No one. The guards had to be hiding, waiting for him and his crew to come out.

And come out they would, fighting all the way.

Space Rep: I found lots of buy links. Can I engage one?

Available From:

Liza: Absolutely, but I'm reading it first.

Space Rep: What? That's not fair!

Liza: It's a novella. I can read it in one sitting.

Space Rep: All right, but this is an infringement of my rights. And soon as I read this book I will know how to take you down, you autocratic ruler of a junk heap.

Liza: Neve, perhaps you could tell us a bit about your creator, Jessica E. Subject

Neve: I would love to but I should be getting back home.

Liza: Oh you have three days before we can safely return you, so you might as well sit back and tell me about Jessica.  I'm curious to see how well you know her.

Neve: Jessica Subject is the author of contemporary and science fiction romance, ranging from sweet to sexy. In her stories, you could meet clones, or a sexy alien or two. You may even be transported to another planet for a romantic rendezvous. And she also writes erotica under the pen name Paisley Brown.

When Jessica isn't reading, writing, or doing dreaded housework, she likes to get out and walk. Fast. But she just may slow down if there is a waterfall nearby.

Jessica lives in Ontario, Canada with her husband and two energetic children. And she loves to hear from her readers. 

You can find her at and on twitter @jsubject.

Liza: Ha! Just as I thought. You don't even know Jessica is a 

Darn you and your space towels, Jessica! There's such a thing as Freedom of Speech you know. If I wish to tell the world about your fifteen clones and space ship and the fact you are actually an
on my blog, I should have the right. So Stop Space toweling my words!

Space Rep: Come with me, Neve. I'm transporting plastic bobble heads of Boehner to the beginning of time. I'll send one of the mayor of Toronto if you want.

Neve: Can we just send the mayor?

Space Rep: Sorry...just bobble heads.


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