Monday, March 3, 2014

Pity the Poor male of the Human Species

I must have been sleeping during biology class, because I totally missed the lecture that discussed the fragility of the males of our species.

First of all their little Y/large X chromosomes aren't nearly as sturdy and reliable as the XX chromosomes of the female, which has built in redundancy.  

All babies begin as FEMALE and then over half of them say to hell with redundancy, I want to risk it all to be male, and they drop an X and create a little Y.  The making of this change is wrought with danger. So many things can and do go wrong.

For one thing, the male anatomy is more complex, and I'm sorry, but not really well thought out. Who would consciously put all the tender parts in one easy-to-knee area?

I digress, that isn't discussed in the SA article at all. But it should have been.

They instead focus on other problems.
Because males are more fragile and prone to breakdowns, lacking redundancy, mother nature compensates by creating more of them. For every 100 females born 106 males are born. However, in recent years, the percentage difference has been dropping.

In addition, boys are 2/3rds more likely to be premature than girls; have a 30% more chance of dying before their first birthday than girls,  are 5 times more likely to have neurological problems such as autism than girls, and are more susceptible to chemical poisoning than girls.  

I have to admit, I'm starting to feel really bad for the guys. I never knew they were in such peril.

The troubles start during the eighth week in the womb, when the Y chromosome sends out the first blast of testosterone. Now, for the record, I'm not making this up. It's first act is to kill off communication cells in the brain while building cells in the aggression and sex centers.

All the females are nodding as they mentally say...I'm not surprised at all.

So ladies, when you want a guy to share his feelings more, not always get into fights and run about at night like a dog on the hunt, you are fighting against something that began in the eighth week in the womb. Give it up! He's not going to change. 

Since the male body is more complex (with new, poorly thought-out parts to build) it requires more cell divisions, and with every cell division, things can go wrong. Nor does he have the redundant XX to act as a backup. Also the little Y doesn't carry as much genetic content as the X does. 
Consequently, in males, there are less proteins which are needed to develop the brain.

(So much is making sense now!)

In contrast:
The female human creates estrogen which improves their immune system and protects the female brain. It can even replace and repair the brain after injury.

The male brain is highly susceptible to brain injuries. So having boys play football, getting frequent concussions is a really bad idea, but all that testosterone wants to fight somehow....

However, if your son doesn't want to play football, don't force him into it. He may actually be smarter than you. Let him protect his frail body from harm.

But there is a bigger worry. The real danger isn't football, it's the chemicals and pesticides that we are exposed to everyday. While it doesn't do much harm to females embryos, who have a stronger redundant system, it is wrecking havoc on the male embryos. 

Read the real article in Scientific America.  
This is a serious problem.

Because no matter how mad we get at you when you insist we have no business writing Sci-fi, the truth is, we need human males to survive, or else we won't be able to make anymore healthy young girls who'll grow up and write kick ass Sci-Fi.

Also the human race will end, which could be a really good thing for the other species on this planet. I imagine whales would perform fabulous high-five fin slaps twenty feet in the air. But that is a different blog topic...


  1. I love your articles. I do feel sorry for men. They also don't live as long and can't think when they are too over sexed...brain cells and such. Now I want to know why men seem to think that they should be in charge. :)

    1. It's the testosterone and stronger, bigger bodies. Cave women sent them out to fight the giant wolves and saber tooth lions.

  2. I adore this. I quite frankly think that the only reason men think they should be in charge is that at one point we got lazy and let them. Tweeted.

    1. Cave woman to cave man: "You go out and fight the bear, I'm cooking..."
      Lazy...or smart? But seriously we need to take over congress and the white house.

  3. I will need to read the science on this one. I do believe what you say but the weight on the protective factors of redundancy might be overstated. I did enjoy reading it though.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it. Sadly the Scientic America article didn't have a great deal of data either.

  4. I will need to read the science on this one. I do believe what you say but the weight on the protective factors of redundancy might be overstated. I did enjoy reading it though.

    1. Still glad you enjoyed it. Did you repeat this so both my X's could worry about the overstatement of redundancy?

  5. Great article. I was also told that female embryos are more resilient than male and that girls have less chance of ear infections (for some reason) that boys. ;)

  6. Yes, we are fabulous, aren't we?


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