Friday, March 21, 2014

Liza O'Connor reviews Alpha's Strength

Today, I am reviewing Rebecca Royce's recently released shifter novel, Alpha's Strength.

I worried when Rebecca Royce ended the Westervelt Wolf series, fearing she was done with wolf shifters. And in my opinion, no one does them better than Royce.
Thankfully, she’s not done with the alpha driven wolf shifters. She’s just moved on to new stories with fresh new situations.

Cyrus runs Manhattan with an iron fist. He will keep his pack safe whether they want him to or not. But something is missing and lately he is more on edge than ever. With his pack at risk and the Alphas of Philadelphia and Boston breathing down his neck, he doesn’t anticipate the arrival of his true mate, particularly when he finds her in a coffee house across the street from his office building. She’s not only identical to the mate of the alpha of Philadelphia but has no idea that werewolves even exist, let alone that she’s one herself. Cyrus is determined to protect her while he solves the mystery of her life. 

Betsy, strong, smart, and determined, has been suffering for months trying to keep her parents alive. She doesn’t know where the werewolf who followed her home came from and she doesn’t care, he just needs to leave her alone. But as Betsy gets to know Cyrus, she will discover things about herself that she’d never believed possible. She’s the only one who can help Cyrus keep his pack safe—especially when the true believers are out to destroy them.

Liza Reviews
I love this new series, the Fallen Alphas. Matters have gone bad. The prime alpha of the country has died, leaving the district alpha’s going for each other’s throats, sometimes literally. 
The focus of this story is Cyrus. Leader of the Manhatten Pack of Shifters.
Having a pack of wolfshifters living in NYC is no minor feat. The chance of discovery is high. But that is Cyrus and his pack’s home and he’s created a ton of rules to keep them safe. But some of the pack don’t like his constraints, and during this story, shifters die when they skirt the rules and others let him down big time.
But with his trials and tribulations he also discovers love. Betsy. She looks like the mate of the Pennsylvania alpha. But how can that be? Betsy insists she’s an only child of parents who are presently being held prisoners by their cult-leader and will come to harm unless she marries the cult leader's son, whom she hates.
To all his other tasks, Cyrus must secure the safety of his mate, her parents and discover the truth about her past, convince her, she is his mate, and attempt to destroy his enemies.
To do this, he must join sides with other alphas he does not trust, but unless they join together, they don’t stand a chance against this enemy.
The plot is complex, but it never overwhelms and always entertains as Rebecca Royce takes us through the first full novel of what I hope will be a very long series.
If you love shifter novels, consider this a must read.
If you don’t normally read shifter numbers, I strongly recommend you begin with this one. But be warned, they are addictive.

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  1. I loved Rebecca's other wolf shifter books. They were the first books I read by her. Looks like this one is a must now too!!

  2. Good review. Now I'm interested.


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