Thursday, June 4, 2015

Beautiful Aurora Borealis and the danger in the future.

First let me share an excellent video about how and why the beautiful sky-show Aurora Borealis occurs.

Some sites claim we still don't know why the aurora is so pretty. 
But this video seems a pretty good explanation. 

If you read my upcoming Sci-Fi novel
The Gods of Probabilities
(July 1, 2015)
It sets the stage for my next three Sci-Fi novels.
And, you'll discover my theory 
about all the pretty things in space. 
It doesn't change the truth of this video,
It just gives credit to the artist involved with all our Space Art.

Getting back to reality, those pretty colors might not be welcomed in the near future.
About every 500-450 thousand years our magnetic poles reverse. 

It's been 786 thousand years since the last one, and the poles are weakening, so it's a coming. Could be a thousand years in the future or twenty years from now. We don't know. 
But when it happens, our shields will drop and we'll have no pretty auroras
Just deadly radiation beating down upon us.
Our electrical grids will fry.
Worldwide, economies will fall.
Cancers and mutations will be the norm.

So when you next look at the aurura borealis
appreciate the great job our magnetic field is doing and ask it to keep
protecting us.

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