Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Philae Awakens!

It's a Miracle!
Little Philae has awoken from it's seven months sleep.

First, let's review Phil's sad story of abandonment last year. 

Yes, I could send you to a professional site to recall the past, but my version is so much funnier that I don't want to.

So deal with it. 

That means read it.

Have you read it?

If you did, you know we left a lost and lonely child with his uncaring rock star father, while his mother pulled further away.

There was always the hope Phil would wake up to talk to us again. But seriously, the kid wasn't latched down. What were the chances he'd stay with his dad?

Still, ever optimistic, the humans at ESA starting opening  communication to him now that his dad is getting closer to the sun and warming up.

And to my shock, Phil remained hidden somewhere on his dad and communicated with ESA.  He even sent them some data, mostly about himself, but given the hell he's been through, I think a bit of self interest is justifiable. 

So what next?

I'm sure the humans want to know where the bloody hell he is! Given they almost changed his mom, Rosetta's purpose to go look for the bot, they really want to know this. But at the last minute, they came to their sanity and had her maintain her mission. 

Good thing too, or Rose wouldn't be around to say good bye to Phil, and why else would he have woken up? Clearly, he wishes to tell his mom and all the humans who fell in love with the grand little bot Good bye and thanks for all bolts.

Why goodbye? Well, if you had read the prior blog like I asked you to, you would know. Phil isn't expected to survive the drive by the sun.

Even his dad may be very different when he finishes his drive by. Hopefully more responsible.

As for Rosetta, she'll watch the death of Phil, the assault on Kid Rock, send the info back to the humans and head out to outerspace to finally get a moment's peace.  

But she will leave, having had a chance to say her last goodbye to Philae. And that is the best we could have asked for. It had always been a one way road for Philae and Rosetta. 

While they never had a say in his mission, Philae took his planned death like a trooper. Otherwise, he would have hopped off his dad and gone for a space-about on his own. 

So let us learn from Philae. It's not how you die, but how you live that matters. 


Rosetta located Philae

And the ESA has changed Rosetta's Mission and extended her life until Sept 2016. Instead of wandering off into space, she will set down by Philae on her deadbeat husband and stay with her child. No longer will Philae die alone. His mom will be there with him.


That's not what's going to happen. Poor Philae is still going to die alone from severe sunburn. Then months later his mom will attempt to land...something she's not equipped to do. The big change is that she'll follow her deadbeat husband around and watch him change as the sun alters his character. Then when they are far away from the sun, she'll lose too much power and with her last dying efforts she'll attempt to land on Kid Rock.

Probably nowhere near Philae, if he didn't burn and float off into space months before. 

Now I'm sorry I read this update at all. The ending was far more poignant before...

Liza O'Connor is an author. (Couldn't you tell?)
In a few days, she will be bringing out a Sci Fi series called the Multiverses.  

Book 1 is available for Pre-Sale
The Gods of Probabilities

Each month I'll release another one.
These are all full length novels, so it's possible, like Philae, I'll burn up before finishing my task.
But I'm going to try my hardest...

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