Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Liza faces reality


Sometimes, books catch on fire and are loved by the masses. No one can say why one book succeeds and another doesn't. Same goes with singers. Why is the better voice often overlooked? 

I'm a fan of the vocal contest The Voice. This year they had a plethora of great voices, but in my mind, one stood out, far above the others. He was an unlikely selection and perhaps wouldn't have been in the mix if the judges didn't have to decide initially about the voice without seeing the body. Jordan Smith and his extraordinary voice captured the hearts of all the judges before they saw him.

His voice just blows me away!

But he wasn't the only fabulous voice in the group. There were truly a great number of fabulous voices. Voices that could be considered more commercial or the singer better eye candy. 

I can imagine a world where one of the others won, and if they were more commerical, they could soon sell far more records and go further.

The same goes for the voices of authors. Some delight and go viral, others almost delight, but for some reason, fall short and soon go quiet. Some never get a chance to be noticed at all.

And why some succeed and some fail is not always clear. 

Initially, I had planned to have a spinoff to my Multiverse Series called The Search for Sentients.  With a kick-ass spaceship and being promoted to Admiral (due to his marriage to the Empress) Sojourn has a mandate to go among the multiverses and find sentients, establish treaties, and ensure peace for all time.

Only after two promos for the Gods of Probabilities, I have to conclude my humorous sci-fi series is not enticing readers. So I will move on to other books, some for my other genres, (I write romance, suspense, and historical fiction, as well) and some sci-fi stories not related to my humorous series.

So my next Sci Fi series will be 
an Artificial Intelligence Romance/Sci Fi crossover.

Covers aren't final

And I may also publish my futuristic world of SkyRyders. 

Covers aren't final

If the Multiverse picks up, I will be more than happy to write more of these humorous, feel-good stories. But if that is not what you want, I will offer you other options. 

I spent 10 years doing nothing but writing novels, so I've a large backlog to work from. So this isn't a goodbye, or I give up, only a shift to other novels that might interest you more. 

After all, this isn't just about what I want to write. It's about what you want to read, as well. 

We're partners, you know.

If you want to tell me what you would like to read, write it in the comments or email me at I'd love to hear from you.


  1. Sorry to hear this, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do.
    And a Happy Christmas to you and yours, including Jess! I hope she's taking advantage of the springlike weather to chase some rabbits or whatever you have in N Jersey.
    All the best, as usual!

    1. Hopefully, with time, I locate my readers for the series. Given how successful Douglas Adams was, I know they exists. I just have to find them. And when I do, I'll kick off the spinoff series.


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