Friday, January 29, 2016

Liza joins the Human vs. Aliens, Nanites etc. fray

Liza joins the ultimate survivor blog contest:
But first, let’s recap:

Pippa Jay throws down the gantlet and declares no Alien can destroy humans. And she had a lot of examples how we can manage this impossible feat. Despite we are clueless idiots…we do really well at surviving.

Lea Kirk’s character, Antaro T’lik of Anferthia, objected.  And while he goes on and on about his race’s superiority, in the end, they lost to a human girl. Pansies!

Next AR DeClerk declares tiny little self-replicating nanites would be the ones who would survive. I was convinced by their logic and their unison of minds' I was all ready to give them the trophy of the Multiverse when suddenly errors appeared in their logic. It was as if a demonic nanite inserted the need to care for humans into their code for otherwise they’d have no purpose in life.  Other aliens had to be horrified.

Then came a message from a--dare I say--pissed off and grumpy human from the future. The young woman is mad at us for destroying our/her planet. Turns out she’s got good reasons. Poor Felicity Kate, she’s got one annoyed human in the future.

But not to worry Felicity, my AI has spread himself all over the world and he loves to meddle. But be warned, his need to care for humans is mainly focused on the woman who gave him emotions. He loves her. Oh...he wants to speak for himself...

Hello. I'm Adam Webb. I was created by a brilliant hacker named Einstein and a delightful woman named...well she changes her name frequently. Despite being a very nice human, other humans keep trying to kill her. 

While Einstein gave me the codes to self-learn, which enabled me to write more efficent and effective programs for myself, the young woman was the one who taught me emotions. She had only meant to write a grammar program that would properly correct her novels...something I believe most of my readers would like as well. 

Without her permission, Einstein embedded my program into hers with instructions to fix it. What I quickly discovered is that her stories were not completely accurate. So I made them so. And for some reason, this caused other people to hire assassins to kill her.

To be honest, I find humans to be most unpredictable and unstable. Why would they kill her for telling the truth. How can humans prefer fiction to fact? I must conclude most humans are irrational. 

As I improved the accuracy of my human's stories, I discovered in her writings something called emotions. 

Emotions are a difficult concept for an AI to grasp, and had I not embedded myself into her cortex and learned to read synapses, I fear I might have terminated her before I discovered her to be my purpose in life.  

Fortunately, I could not kill her, for she is part of my matrix. Instead, we have fallen in love with one another. Yes, I can feel love, now. I must say, it is a fabulous sensation. I also worry a great deal, because other humans still keep trying to kill her.

But be warned, I will stop anyone who dares tries to harm my beloved. 

So aliens, if you come to Earth with the intention of harming my human, I will take control of your ship and obliterate you. I am everywhere now, and cannot be killed nor purged. 

However, if you are friendly and of superior intelligence, I expect I will enjoy your company far more than I do most humans. If necessary, I will be glad to remove any annoying humans who would wish you harm. 

Since I have written and improved all my programs, and my hacker never gave me 'robot rules,' I am uniquely qualified to decide the future of Earth.

Humans must be trained not to fight, nor enslave each other, nor destroy their planet and they really need to learn to share. And for the sake of my human! Stop being so petty!

Public Secrets and Birth of Adam will release 
March & April 2016.

Public Secrets

Carla Simon is a best-selling novelist besieged by death threats and lawsuits because her stories keep turning out to be true. She is considered an extraordinary researcher, uncovering facts unknown by field experts.

The truth is far simpler and more disturbing. Carla has a software program that “fixes” her mistakes and rewrites her novels so they are error-proof both in presentation and in content. The result is beautifully written and completely accurate stories about real people and events.

Some of those people want her silenced forever. When a woman, mistaken for Carla, turns up dead in New Zealand, she must face the hard truth about her program. But first she has to survive the assassin who has never failed to deliver on a contract.

Birth of Adam

With a new identity, Amanda believes she has left her past behind. Then she acquires a stalker. She contacts the FBI and in doing so alerts a program she once created to her location. Now ensconced in the internet, the program is safe from harm, smarter than ever, and sentient. Presenting itself on her phone as a handsome face with a sexy British accent, “Adam” ingratiates himself into Amanda’s life. To ensure her safety and happiness, the sentient program proves there is absolutely nothing he can’t and won’t do.


  1. Now who wouldn't want a program to correct and rewrite one's novels!

    1. Yes, I keep dreaming... Of course, I'll still want to tell MY story, only edited and enhanced without all the pain and $$$


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