Sunday, July 7, 2013

2nd visit to Drogan's Quantum Physics Class.

As you recall, we've tagged along with baby Drogan to his Quantum Physics class, taught by Scholar  Jonas. 

If you recall from the prior lesson, we learned the electromagnetic fields work with the laws of probability to strengthen or weaken the paths an electron could travel through the kelp to reach it's reactor.

So let's stop passing notes and start paying attention to the professor again.

Jonas shook his head. “So let’s return to our first day discussion of the creation of the universe. As you recall there were a near-infinite possibilities during the ‘big bang’ that created our universes. 

However, in most situations the correct mixtures of chemicals did not occur during the critical moments following beginning of all. What happened to those universes?”

“They collapsed into nothing,” Ghosh answered.

“That’s right. Others started out well enough but hit a snag and snuffed out later. So the question left is our current universe the one and only one? Did all the other possibilities collapse, or do others still exist, slightly different in composition or timing, but still viable?”

Drogan nodded excitedly.

Jonas chuckled. “I see one student has decided which side of the ongoing argument he stands upon. 

The truth is we do not know. However, what we do know is that from our universe’s creation, we have faced infinite probabilities which mathematically must have produced other viable universes much like ours, but in some way, critically different. 

Jonas returned to the kelp plant floating on his desk. “So what do you think now? Is there more than one channel to the chemical reactor that resides within this strand of kelp?”

Most of the children nodded. Ghosh raised his hand. “Why would not just the best one survive? Why would the Gods not make the electron take the best path and remove the others?”

“Ah, but are we attributing the creation of this path to the Gods or as Drogan suggested, the plant’s electromagnetic field?”

Ghosh frowned. “Are you saying the Gods are not real? That all we have are mindless electromagnetic fields inadequately sorting out probabilities?”

Jonas’ eyes rounded in shock. “I would never say such a thing. The Gods are very real. Scholar Korak has spoken to them. It is their hand that created the Big Bang which created our universe and others as well.”

Drogan nodded excitedly. Scholar Jonas might not be able to see and sense the other universes as Drogan did, but he still understood they were there.

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