Friday, July 5, 2013

Drogan brings us along to his Quantum Physics Class.

Today, my gilled friend Drogan lets us join him as he attends his quantum physics class he takes when's he just a tiny fellow. 

Drogan has a greater insight on the topic of parallel universes because he can actually sense them. And later in life, he'll learn to manipulate them.


Drogan listened attentively as Scholar Jonas explained the entanglement process of photosynthesis.

 “As we learned yesterday, the kelp converts the sunlight into energy.”

All the children nodded.

“Today we delve deeper into the quantum physics behind this process. Now above the ocean, the sun rays are very strong, but they slow as the photons enter the water. However, some make it to the kelp. 

"Electrons are injected into the plant cells where there is a chemical reaction center. Now these electrons need to go to this special place, so they can deposit their energy and create the reaction which feeds the plant. And they must do it efficiently or the plant will starve. It needs to consume every bit of energy it receives.”
Jonas allowed that to sink in before continuing.

“So how does the electron know how to arrive at the chemical reactor in the fastest way possible? It doesn’t have a brain or a water map.”

Drogan raised his hand.

Jonas nodded at him.

“Is it the electromagnetic force of the plant coupled with the law of all probabilities?”

Jonas smiled. “It is indeed. As we discussed during your first lesson, in quantum, all possibilities exist. However, most collapse at once, leaving only a few probability paths to continue forth. In this situation, the electromagnetic field causes some of the potential paths to collapse while reinforcing other paths. In this way, it ensures the electron reaches the chemical reactor efficiently. Now, can there be more than one path reaching the reactor?”

Drogan nodded excitedly.

Jonas smiled. “Do the rest of you agree or disagree?”

No one replied, but several nodded their head from shoulder to shoulder in a shrug.


So what do you think, Peeps who visit my blogsite?

Everything has a magnetic field from the smallest particle to our planet and beyond... Could it be the controlling mechanism that collapses the constant universes created at every stage of life?

If you aren't sure yet, return in three days and receive more of the class lecture. By your third trip, all will be clear.



  1. Hello,

    Don't be cranky. :-) I was just reading in the news about entanglement and black holes. You've got an interesting subject. Good excerpt.

    1. You've no idea how happy your comment has made me. I'd feared I'd scared everyone off with the kelp.


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