Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Liza is opening her blog to her new family

Let's be honest, my spaceship is less than sleek.
In fact, it's been likened to a moving junk heap. And whenever I stop at a space hub, some smartass controller always asks if I need a tow.

On the positive side, NO ONE tries to steal it. So I know it will always be in the dock, even if I've left my bio print all over the space center. 

So to give me reason to clean it up, I've decided to add three new additions to my rants that will focus on authors and their Sci-Fi books. 

#1 Liza interviews an Author

In these interviews, I send my guest questions to answer, then twist their words into News Breaking Drama.

Bravery is required to go for one of these, since I rarely behave.

#2 Liza Space naps and interrogates an author

In a space-napping, I sneak into the author's spaceship, throw a riot tube on them, and seal them in a blind helmet and take them back to my spaceship, where I remove the helmet, but not the tube and we discuss their book. Then to ensure my expenses during the abduction are tax deductible as a marketing expense, they have to say something nice about a book of mine.

#3 Liza Interviews a Book

This is where the author stays at home and I interview the book. Me and the book chat it up and it tells me about itself. Turns out each book is uniquely different. Who would have thought?

This is my book transporter. People keep mistaking it for a microwave. Which results in their food ending up god knows where.

In all possible guest blogs, the results will be funny or I'll be grumpy.  

Because they take a bit of effort, I keep all of them up for three days. 

If you are interested in coming on my blog, contact me at Liza2write@yahoo.com

1)Tell me which type of interview/napping you want.
2)The approximate time you would like to be on.
3) And attach the following items:
 Book Cover, Blurb, Excerpt, Links, Bio
Do not send me links to download. I really don't have time to hunt stuff down.
Send it to me and away we'll go!

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