Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Liza O Discusses the many ways our planet can kill us and why we should leave.

Before I get in my junk heap and abandon Earth, let me explain why I worry about my green blue planet filled with irrational mangy apes.

This planet is Unsafe!

Just ask the dinosaurs. Oh we can't, because this planet killed them.

How will the planet kill us?

It has lots of techniques:
Spewing volcanoes

Heating up so everything burns to a crisp

Releasing poisonous methane from the ocean's bottom.

Becoming a frigid block of ice for millions of years.

And flipping it magnetic field.

That's right, the earth is like a really slow A/C component that sends out it's spark of electricity once every 250K years or so.

Here's a picture of our normal magnetic field and what it looks like in a flip.
While these flips haven't shown any major wipeouts in the past, our past inhabitant didn't live in a world dependent upon electrical charges behaving. 

I don't even want to think was that's going to do to our national grid and more importantly to my money, which isn't actually money, but data stored in a database. 


I so rarely use actual money, I can barely recognize it.

We often make fun of the panda bear who lives on a single food source. 

But let's face it, humans are no better. We depend on electricity. Without it, nothing works. 

You might say, then I'll go buy a generator and create my own electricity.

First, are you seriously going to use your last paper money (assuming it still has value) and buy a generator only to discover the Electro Magnetic Pulses didn't just destroy the grid, but the wiring in your house as well. 

Secondly, gas pumps don't work without electricity, so they'll be no gas to run your generator.

We are truly like the Panda. Our lives depend upon electricity. Without it, we will self destruct, starve and die.

Oh wait, perhaps we can outlast the flip.

Bad news there. The flip takes 2000 years. 
(The Earth clearly works by a different time clock than us.)

There is also a health hazard during the flip because our magnetic shield ceases to properly block the radiation from the sun. 

There is no evidence of this problem in prior flips, but that could be because we don't survive long enough to get cancer.

And when is this supposed to happen?
No clue. If scientist actually know, they are being cagey with the truth.

One NASA article says we've got about 4000 years, but that's a guess, probably with a variance of + or - 4000.  What we do know is that it is going to happen, and we need to start preparing for it, because right now it's not survivable. 

Suddenly Richard Bramson seems a man of vision.
Richard, can I get a seat on the next flight out? Your ship looks much nicer than my imaginary one.


  1. I'm with you to fly with Richard :) Especially since the 'buy land on the moon' is a scam - besides how would I get there & live & breathe?
    Great post. Loved it.

    1. Thanks Andrea.
      Other than fly away with Richard, I don't see many choices.

  2. That may or may not work, depending upon if the EMPs fry the circuits.
    To be honest, we are completely defenseless at this time.


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