Thursday, September 26, 2013

SFR Brigade Presents The SkyRyders Excerpt 7

 In 2014 I'll be coming out with a futuristic series about a fabulous series called The SkyRyders. This is just a stand-in cover.  
Alisha Cane has taught herself to fly beyond the limits of the possible. Recruited into the SkyRyder’s Corp, the army of the future she both succeeds and fails in dramatic turns. Follow the life of this extraordinary ‘debutante’ turned ‘street girl’ turned ‘soldier’ and the men who put their own careers at risk protecting her through her volatile career. 

Here's an unedited 
Excerpt 7:
“Can I sleep here tonight?” Alisha asked.

Her arms wrapped around Logan, her face tilted up—looking terribly young and frightened.

He sighed and gently pulled away from her, taking her hand, and leading her to a chair, pulling another chair up to it, so he could comfortably face her.

“Alisha, I know you’re a bit frightened being the new member of the crew. But the only way you’ll ever fit in is by fitting in, even if it’s uncomfortable at first.”

The cadet looked torn as if she wanted to tell him something, or maybe she was simply trying not to cry.

So he tried another tack. “Alisha, you’re an amazing flyer. But to be a great SkyRyder, you have to work well with your team. A strong team eats, sleeps, and laughs together. They are your brothers and sisters. You would die for each other. You aren’t going to develop that type of bond if you separate yourself from them.”

Alisha sighed. “They’ve never actually killed  anyone have they?”

“No!” Logan exclaimed and the caressed her cheek. “Alisha, they were just teasing you.”

“Then you didn’t have a cadet die about two years ago?” 

Coming in 2014
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