Saturday, September 21, 2013

SFR Brigade present The SkyRyders Excerpt 2

 In 2014 I'll be coming out with a futuristic series about a fabulous series called The SkyRyders. This is just a stand-in cover.  
Alisha Cane has taught herself to fly beyond the limits of the possible. Recruited into the SkyRyder’s Corp, the army of the future she both succeeds and fails in dramatic turns. Follow the life of this extraordinary ‘debutante’ turned ‘street girl’ turned ‘soldier’ and the men who put their own careers at risk protecting her through her volatile career. 

Here's an unedited 
Excerpt 2:
Logan woke fully rested and contented. Holding Alisha in his arms seemed so familiar and right it took him almost a full minute to realize its wrongness. He checked his location on the bed, afraid that in his sleep he had crossed over and violated her personal space. He sighed with relief to discover Alisha had trespassed, not him.

For several minutes, he watched her sleep, snuggled so tight against him. She looked young, younger than he had thought her last night.

Too damned young for me. He forced himself from the bed. What the hell was he doing? Bringing the girl into the Ryders would require all sorts of favors pulled. He couldn’t afford to let matters get personal.

Alisha woke at the click of the bedroom door. She cursed herself for falling asleep, but had no time for regrets. The colonel might be back any second. Having made her decision to escape ASAP, she donned her flight suit, unrolled two hundred dollars from the roll of money and placed it on the counter, then gathered up her pack and bio scan machine and headed out.

Coming in 2014
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