Friday, September 20, 2013

SFR Brigade Presents The SkyRyders excerpt 1

 In 2014 I'll be coming out with a futuristic series about a fabulous series called The SkyRyders. This is just a stand-in cover.  
Alisha Cane has taught herself to fly beyond the limits of the possible. Recruited into the SkyRyder’s Corp, the army of the future she both succeeds and fails in dramatic turns. Follow the life of this extraordinary ‘debutante’ turned ‘street girl’ turned ‘soldier’ and the men who put their own careers at risk protecting her through her volatile career. 

Here's an unedited 
Excerpt 1:
Logan reassessed what he had learned about Alisha. Her claim she had only been flying a month was an obvious lie, her level of skill took years to acquire. Yet, she made her absurd claim with great sincerity. Same with the claim she only scavenged for legal owners.

Logan had to give her credit. In all the thousands of scavengers he’d arrested, not one had ever thought to make this claim. Yet, she was quick with the names to back it up.

She didn’t lie about her license, or lack thereof—obviously meant to establish her honesty, even if it meant confessing to a lesser crime. The only time her ‘sincerity’ went shaky was when he asked who trained her. Here she struggled, setting off all of Logan’s interrogation alarms.

Despite all her short and cautious answers, she revealed more than she intended. Her eating manners were first class, suggesting she might be from high society, despite her current residency in Doakstown. That in itself was an oddity. How did a pretty young socialite fall so far in such a short time? Drugs? Gambling? Sex addiction?

Coming in 2014
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