Monday, September 23, 2013

SFR Brigade Present The SkyRyders Excerpt 4

 In 2014 I'll be coming out with a futuristic series about a fabulous series called The SkyRyders. This is just a stand-in cover.  
Alisha Cane has taught herself to fly beyond the limits of the possible. Recruited into the SkyRyder’s Corp, the army of the future she both succeeds and fails in dramatic turns. Follow the life of this extraordinary ‘debutante’ turned ‘street girl’ turned ‘soldier’ and the men who put their own careers at risk protecting her through her volatile career. 

Here's an unedited 
Excerpt 4:
“When you calm down and let me speak, I think you’ll see it’s not such a bad thing for you and your gramps either.”

“Nothing you could possibly say will undo the damage you’ve done?”

“What damage do you think I’ve done?”

“You told my grandfather I was a scavenger. That’s the lowest thing on earth to him.”

 “By finding out early, he at least has a chance to put a stop to it.”

“By refusing to take his medicine. I know him. He’d rather die before he let me scavenge to get money for the drug.”

“Good for him.”

Alisha tried to push away from him. When this failed, she repeatedly struck him with her fists. “How can you say that?”

Logan contained her. “You can’t save him this way. It would’ve never worked. First time something went wrong, and you got pinched for a spell, he’d have died anyway.”

“But at least I would have had him for a time.”

“But at what price. You keep on this path and you will kill him, for he’d rather end his life early than to let you sacrifice yours.”

“Damn you, Colonel. Damn you to hell!”

Coming in 2014
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