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Liza O'Connor interviews the book, The Secret of Narava by Isabo Kelly

Welcome Space Peeps. Today I interview the book The Secret of Narava written by Isabo Kelly.

Space Rep: I like the author's name, Isabo. It makes me happy.

Liza: It does, right? We should adopt Isabo. Then we wouldn't fight so much.

Space Rep: Good point. Can you invite Isabo over...instead of interviewing her book.

Liza: No. She's sent her book. Or she was suppose to have sent her book. *bangs on transporter* Space Rep have you been playing with this thing again?

Space Rep: Isabo! Yes, I did. Isabo!

Liza: *smiles* You do like to tinker. So is it broke or--Here comes the book. Wow, it's small. 

Liza: Welcome The Secrets of Narava. Mind if I call you Narava, unless you have a character with that name.

Narava: Why is the hairless primate asking me that? She can't hear my answer. 

Liza: As a matter of fact, I can hear books. And I find the term hairless primate offensive.

Narava: My apologies. Would you prefer 'mostly hairless'?

Liza: Why is it no one sends me books with manners?

Narava: Have you tried interviewing an etiquette book? They aren't very interesting and have a devil of a temper.

Liza: Good point. And I hate being scolded. So we'll stay with tiny you. I apologize that my transporter shrunk you. Space Rep is taking a course in Space Repairs. So far he's only creating jobs for the future when he eventually learns how to do stuff. At the current rate, he'll be occupied for a long time.

Narava: I can't help you with repairing a spaceship, but if you have paleontology questions about Narava, I'm your book.

Liza: Great! So tell me about yourself. 

Narava: First, to set the mood, a warning: 

Their discovery could lead to war . . .
*plays dark threatening music* 
Paleontologist, Dr. Ti'ann Jones, uncovers a mystery that could alter the course of her planet's future, putting her and her people in grave danger. 

Liza: I love mysteries.

Narava: She's forced to call in security to protect her dig site. But the man who shows up threatens Ti'ann on a much more personal level. 

Liza: Why?

Narava: She's spent the last three years trying to forget Nathan Longfeather and the incredible things he did to her body, but it's apparent he's already forgotten her.

Liza: Bet he hasn't. What's Nathan's perspective of this lack of memory?

Narava: Nathan thought guarding an archaeological dig site would be an easy and welcome break from his normal high-tension contracts. 

Liza: I believe they are actually difficult to protect.

Narava: He'll worry about that later, right now he's comes face-to-face with a woman he hasn't been able to forget for the last three years.

Liza: Ha! Told you.

Narava: He finds himself torn between the job and dragging Ti'ann back to his ship to remind her of those brief erotic nights they spent together. Nights she seems to have forgotten.

Liza: This is so Venus and Mars. How we ever managed to populate planets I'll never know. It takes two to Tango, but neither party thinks the other remembers how to dance.

Narava: No, I think you misunderstood me.

Space Rep: She understood you, she just likes to talk around the subject of sex, making really stupid Tango references instead.

Narava: Thank you for explaining, because neither of my characters know anything about this tango.

Liza: So what happens?

Narava: As the truth of Ti'ann's discovery is revealed, Nathan's job gets a lot more serious. 

Liza: I told you.

Narava: Keeping Ti'ann and her team alive becomes his top priority. 

Liza: I'm guessing this is more than just the normal scavenger issues.

Narava: Oh yes. They live in a time when anything to do with Narava's native species, the Shifters, leads to violence. Ti'ann and Nathan face enemies from both sides of the conflict and will have to find a way to prevent a planet-wide war.

Liza: That sounds like a full time job. What about their potential romance?

Narava: If they can survive, they might just have a future . . .  together.

Liza: Might. I want more than a might.

Narava: Read the book and you might receive it.

Liza: *huffs*  May I at least peek beneath you covers and read a bit.

Narava: Of course. Just don't try to steal any of the words.


Was she brave enough to try seducing him? Would he laugh at her?

Ti'ann flexed and fisted her hands against her thighs. Her two previous lovers had both laughed at her for attempting to act sexy. And as Krin had so accurately pointed out, Nathan was no staid professor or hotshot digger. True, Nathan hadn’t laughed at her three years ago. But two nights of freedom couldn’t overcome a lifetime of uncertainty. Odds were in favor of him dismissing her attempts at seduction because she’d experienced that more often than anything else with men.

With everything else going on, she wasn’t sure she’d be able to stand having Nathan turn her down. There was only so much mortification her pride could take.

She stood up and squared her shoulders. Tonight, pride would win out over bravery. She was just too tired to be courageous.

But as she stepped out of the imaging tent, she stepped into Nathan.

“Oh.” She came up short and the abrupt move made her stumble back a step. He caught her shoulders and held her until she’d righted herself. “Sorry about that. I wasn’t expecting to see you.” She forced herself to look at him. Heat warmed her cheeks and her stomach flipped a giddy little somersault. Thoughts of pride and bravery vanished under awareness of the feel of his hands on her shoulders.

He kept his hands on her long enough to thrill her, fill her with a hope that she hated as much as savored. Then he released her and took a step back.

“I didn’t mean to startle you,” he said, his voice quiet. “I wanted to make sure you were okay.”

She narrowed her gaze. “What do you mean?”

“Dinner with Samuels.” His brows lowered and his mouth turned down in the barest of frowns. “His idea?”

“Ah.” So he wasn’t talking about her rapid heartbeat and breathless state. He hadn’t noticed she was on the verge of throwing herself at him. “Yes, dinner was his idea. And it was the most uncomfortable meal I’ve ever been forced to eat.” Even trying to eat under Nathan’s scrutiny last night had been easier to take. “But I’m fine.”

“What did he want?”

“To chat, I guess. I don’t know. I was too anxious to be away from him to care what he wanted.”

Nathan stared at her for a very long moment, but she couldn’t decipher his mood at all. What was he thinking? Did he have any idea what she’d been thinking just moments ago?

Would he laugh at her if she kissed him?

“Be careful around him,” Nathan finally said. “I’ve check into him a little more. There’s not much there. But he’s definitely not here for the reasons he claims.”

She glanced around and lowered her voice. “He’s…?”

“Back at his ship. And being watched.”

She wanted to ask more questions but also didn’t want to be overheard. She asked the one thing she really wanted to know. “He’s not a legitimate inspector then? You’re sure. He’s here because of the dig.”

Nathan nodded.

They’d known from the beginning the coincidence was too much. Having Nathan confirm their suspicions made her stomach sore. She glanced back at the imaging tent.

“Everything is going to be fine, Ti’ann,” Nathan murmured.

She faced him again and realized he was standing closer, so near she wouldn’t have to lean very far to fall against him. She flicked her tongue out to wet her dry lips and watched his gaze drop to her mouth. Oh god. That look. So hot, so erotic. So well remembered. He had great hands, and he knew exactly how and where to touch her body to make her scream. Tension gathered low in her abdomen as she imagined his fingers trailing down her stomach. Followed by his lips.

No longer able to resist, she did lean toward him, watching his mouth as intently as he’d stared at hers. That mouth had done the most wonderful things to her body three years ago. And she wanted…needed to have him again. Even if she was making a fool of herself, even though he didn’t remember her, even if this would hurt her even more when it ended. She didn’t care. He was heat, strength, comfort and freedom all combined into the sexiest, most handsome man she’d ever known. Walking away from this chance would be worse than taking it.

She met his gaze, so dark in the moonlight, and started going to him.

“Goodnight, Dr. Jones.” Ti’ann jolted out of the moment, straightening just in time to see two of the volunteers passing on their way to their tent. One of the girls, Micca, waved as they walked by.

She nodded to them, unable to speak around the thumping of her heartbeat. When the young women were out of sight, she faced Nathan again. He was farther away now. And his expression was unreadable again.

“Get some sleep,” he murmured. “I’ll make sure Samuels doesn’t do any harm tonight.”

She wanted to say something, anything. But her mind was a blank. He walked away well before it started working again.

Standing in the chilly night air, she realized once again she’d forgotten to mention his jacket.

Which meant the garment was waiting for her in her tent, filling her bed with the smell of him.

She’d return the jacket tomorrow.

Space Rep: Oh, I want this book. Can I just keep Narava. I'm sure Isabo has other clones.

Liza: Tiny Narava will return to Isabo and I'll buy my own copy which we can share.

Space Rep: I found the 
Liza: Well done, Space Rep.

Space Rep: So Narava, want to tell us about Isabo Kelly?

Narava: I would love to.

Isabo Kelly is the award-winning author of numerous science fiction, fantasy, and paranormal romances. Her life has taken her from Las Vegas to Hawaii, where she got her BA in Zoology, back to Vegas where she looked after sharks, then on to Germany and Ireland where she got her Ph.D. in Animal Behavior.

Now Isabo focuses on writing. She lives in New York with her Irish husband, two beautiful boys, and funny dog. She works as a full time author and stay-at-home mom. 

Space Rep: I found her legal stalking links too:
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  2. Hmmm, that might not help :-) Lovely interview with Narava, Lisa! Thanks. Though I do hope you can get the poor book back to full size.

    1. I can't. It arrived tiny. There is no undoing that deed.

  3. Loved the interview. I'm addicted to SciFi shows & movies, not so much the books...but your excerpt has me reconsidering. Thank you.

    1. I think you should reconsider Andrea. SciFiRomance is more like movies, where they understand they need the people to fall in love.

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  5. LOL, another winning book interview by the awesome Liza.
    I love sci-fi!

  6. What a fun interview! Such a beautiful cover and I love the mysteries surrounding their jobs.


    1. Thanks. I love mysteries, and this one sounds really good.


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