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Liza O'Connor's Multiverse Series begins July 1, 2015

Here's my four book Multiverse Series coming out July, August September & October of this year.

There are a great deal of couples that fall in love in these four books. 
Some of the love matches are really strange.

1) First there is Dmitri who fell in love and marries with Tamara. 

Dmitri is a hardworking rancher
who was unloved until he met Tamara.

Only someone murders Tamara, leaving Dmitri brokenhearted, until she returns as a ghost.
Tamara-no longer human
(she doesn't like it when people call her dead)

 Now, 6 years later, he discovers Tamara has a soul-bond, which is why she remained as a ghost. Soul-bonds share a single soul, so as long as Saran lived, so remained Tamara. 
Saran is the sweetest person you'll ever meet.
With Tamara's prodding, Dmitri and Saran fall in love and marry then viola, they became a soul-bond of three. It's never happened in any universe before. They are unique: One soul with three bodies. 

However, speaking as the author, they pretty well blow up the rules for POV since they know what each other think and feel and while all three have their own personalities, they cannot misunderstand or argue. They are one.

2) The Blue Bull that Saran has raised from a small calf turns out to be a sentient being from another planet who was dropped on Earth.
While Blue is a bit grumpy, living on the wrong planet, treated like a farm animal, Saran has always treated him with loving kindness and respect, asking him, rather than telling him what to do,

 Blue loves Saran with all his heart. 

 Once Blue returns to his planet, he thinks the Gods were very wise to have made them incompatible species, because otherwise he would neglect the females of his species and mate only Saran. 

And that would get me in trouble with the no bestiality rules of publishing.

3) Turns out when TamSaranDem have babies, they are born with all their parents memories and consequently, they don't want to be babies. So they have to be aged quickly into adults.
Seriously, what adult would want to hang about in a baby's body for so many years?
The first born, Ky, is actually the younger of the two. The second son, Sojourn is the oldest.  The two brothers aren't much alike. By the time Sojourn arrived, two of his three parents had lost all their patience with their fellow colonists, so he's got attitude.

Ky is kind and thoughtful. He falls in love with the happiest young woman imaginable.
She's very playful and loves to prance about like a child. Some consider her foolish. But she isn't. Turns out she's not even human, but don't tell Ky.

4) Sojourn starts off life flirting with the ghost of his captain's former second in command, because she's the only female on the ship and he is one of the few people who can see and hear her. She gets him in a lot of trouble.

Later, he meets and falls in love with the Emperor's daughter who loves purple and strange hair fashions. From Sojourn's perspective being in love with a princess is far more impossible than loving a ghost. She's royalty and he comes from colonists.

Only a fool would think he had a chance for her love.

5) And then there is the ship of "Gods" trying to manage the alternative universes so the final outcome is a good one rather than a bust.

You should know
Gods are expected to be perfection incarnate.
They even have a style manual. 

Unfortunately, the Gods can be frisky and one of the offspring that has joined the crew resembles an orangutan. 
This is Pane standing in the ships central data base. The computer is organic so she can self repair herself. She's also sentient, although the only person who knows that is Pane. He normally pets his console rather than visits her innards.

Since the other Gods find Pane repulsive, he ends up falling in love the ship's organic computer, which no one has ever realized was sentient until Pane arrived.

Now that's going to be a challenging love. Talk about incompatible sentients!

But it turns out no matter how foolish the combo may seem to others, things have a way of working out for all.

If you would like one of the four books above when they come out, please leave a comment stating which love couple intrigued you the most. You could win you a book sometime later this year.


  1. Dmitri and Tamara

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  2. #4 and 5 because they're cute and/or weird

  3. "And that would get me in trouble with the no bestiality rules of publishing." *cleans spat coffee off the computer screen* .. When Liza is involved, you can always expect good humor, zany adventures and a unique story.

    1. Did you not see my NO DRINKING Warning on the right. It is never safe to drink while reading my blogs. Hope your PC is fine.

  4. Your covers are great! And I really love the soul-bond thing. Maybe starting with those 3 could help set up the background for the rest of the story to pick up with the stranger characters. I'm very curious to see how it all turns out! =D

    1. Thanks. Book 1 starts with the Gods and Oceanics whose DNA has been enhanced by the Gods' blood. We quickly learn how difficult the Gods have it. Trying to make sentients behave is really hard.

  5. Honey, you got one hell of an imagination! These books are waaaaay out there. Don't stop. Ever.

  6. Wow. Very good imagination. They all sound fascinating. I'd like to start with 1 soul sharing 3 bodies.

    1. Yes, my brain is not normal, but I found to make the best of the situation by becoming an author.

  7. You always have such interesting concepts going on...never a dull moment!

  8. Wow, super unique premises and characters! Love the idea of a soul-bond of three.

    1. My editor is less amused. They are a POV nightmare.

  9. Great post Liza. Got me hooked already. Love the POV chaos ;-)

    1. Thanks Sabine. First book will be out in July.

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