Monday, December 2, 2013

I've been thinking.  Yes, that's me thinking about resolutions. I don't normally make them on Jan 1. Instead, I make them as they come about, but a couple of days ago I changed my schedule, short shifting promotions for writing & cover making instead. 

I enjoyed it so so much, that, I've continued short shifting promotions in favor of making my own book covers and finishing the forth book of A Long Road to Love.

In January, I will need to straighten back up because I've schedule several promotions including a three day 'free' for Worst Week Ever, then a countdown for book 2, Oh Stupid Heart, of the series  before finally releasing book 3, Coming to Reason on Feb 3.

I've got a ton of blogs I need to write between then and now.  But I really wanted to finish the first draft of the fourth book in the series first. I am happy to announce, it is finish.

Also, I've created several fine contenders for the cover of my next series. Learning Photoshop has taken longer than I intended. That is one very complex conglomeration of softwares which makes me feel like I'm constantly searching for Waldo.

But what this means is that I can turn my attention onto writing my guest blogs.
And writing my blogs for this site.
And writing blogs for my other site.

Normally, I would already have all this done, so the fact I haven't started has me a little concerned.  

I consistently working 15-17 hours a day, but the writing parts are more like play. Other parts are tedious, but necessary. And some parts are painful, but necessary.

But one day recently when I was still working 2 am in the morning, five seconds from my head falling onto the floor, I pointed out to myself: You have no boss giving you unreasonable deadlines. 

These are your deadlines. Made by you.

If they are making you so tired you can't think, change them. This is your life. Take control of it.

I had no trouble keeping a balanced life when I worked a normal job, but now that I'm trying to get catch a wave along with 2 million other authors, I constantly lose perspective.  I fail to eat for 26 hours, I fail to take my dog for a decent hike, or give her water and food until she stares at me pitifully. 

And let's not even discuss housekeeping. I stopped doing that a year and half ago.

The truth is, I've completely lost control of  my life. My determination to succeed is pushing away all sane limits. 

So this year, I'm making a resolution:

I will limit my books being published to four a year.

They will be paced 3 months apart.

I will master photoshop

I will do my arm exercises every day do I don't get T-rex arms.

I will hike every day someplace nice with Jess if weather permits.

I will prioritize writing over promoting.

I will prioritize promoting over Facebook

I will prioritize Tweeting over Facebook

I will use Google  + more

And I will now end this blog so I can work on promotions and tweeting.

I know being an author is a crazy job, but seriously, I don't think it needs to be this crazy. So wish me luck on my resolutions!

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