Sunday, November 19, 2017

Jay Shaw presents The Hunted

Hi everyone, thanks Liza for having me over to visit.

I'm Jay Shaw, I’m a six-foot red-haired, single mum of two teens, who hails from New Zealand. My first job was delivering pizzas. I have a passion for dark-haired military men in combat boots and thigh holsters, but I’m not opposed to the occasional sexy shirtless cowboy in worn denim. I’m a night owl who prefers dogs to cats, and dragons above anything. And I’ve always wanted to go on a date to a fair, ride the Ferris wheel, and the roller coaster.

I write sci-fi, paranormal, action, and contemporary, romances. My characters will, through trial and tribulation, adventure and discovery, ultimately find their one great love. A love that all of time and space will lie down and be still for.

I adore the creative freedom science fiction offers. The opportunity to escape into alternate universes and other worlds, with characters who are swept up in things greater than themselves, is a sensation to which I'm addicted. I hope by reading my books, readers get to experience that same sense of escapism from their daily lives; to feel the atmosphere of an alien world, or fly a space fighter through a nebula, if only for a few hours.

My Dragonus Chronicles series is a science fiction space opera romance - and a perfect fit for that description. When complete, it will comprise nine books in three trilogies. The first begins with The Space Colonel's Woman, continues in The Hunted, and concludes in The Shifting Tide, which is one of my works-in-progress. 

Here's the blurb for book two:

Abducted without a trace, Colonel Mark Holden remains in the clutches of Arcadia’s Grand Chancellor - a maniacal dictator who continues to enslave and experiment on X2 humans. 

Meanwhile, far away on an alternate reality Earth, Julia Holden lives a life she no longer belongs to.  She spends her days rescuing those who cannot save themselves, and pining for her lost love.

Can the Arcadians achieve galactic domination, or will Hayden rescue Mark before his genetic secrets are stolen? 

And when Phoenix City calls, will Mark and Julia return to fight for the hunted?

I hope that whets your appetite for some adventure and romance among the stars. One of my reviewers said, “an all-around great story and space adventure with plenty of action, and full of heroes determined to overcome the most impossible of circumstances and difficult of ages.”

If you'd like to share in Mark and Julia's journey, check out the links.

I'm working on a website, but in the meantime feel free to stop by my Facebook, or Twitter, I love new visitors.

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