Saturday, November 4, 2017

Nicola R. White shares details about her new comic book

Award-winning romance author Nicola R. White shares details about her new comic book

In the two and a half years since I hit “publish” on my first urban fantasy romance, I have written and published another four novels. Writing a book is still hard the second time and every time after that, but as an author, you do get used to the specific challenges you will face. Now that I have five books to my name, you could say I have the hang of things—so why on Earth would I decide to turn my schedule upside down to produce a comic book?

I am a life-long fan of comic books, starting with Archie comics as a kid. Now I like to read more adult content, but I still like comic of all genres and artistic styles. I had never given serious thought to creating one of my own—especially since I can’t draw—but the more I thought about this particular story idea, the more it seemed like words alone wouldn’t do it justice.

Set against the backdrop of London and rural Ireland in 1790, Wild Rose reimagines a haunting Irish folktale. The story of Eliza Day is a tale of love and revenge, but also of class conflict, religious intolerance, and the secret societies that became common in eighteenth century Ireland. 

When Eliza is seduced and betrayed by a wealthy English lover, she vows to seek revenge and enlists the help of a witch. But as she soon finds out, the restrictive society in which she lives has no place for defiant, damaged women who break with convention. With the help of Adam Stone, a free Black man, Eliza has a chance to make a new life for herself after the loss of her innocence - but to do so, she will have to be braver than she could ever have imagined.

Wild Rose is live on Kickstarter right now and the money pledged by backers will be used to pay for cover design, coloring, and lettering for the 22 story pages of issue #1. Money raised above my $2,500 (CAD) goal will be used for marketing, a limited first print run, and production of the next issue. We hit 39% funded in the first 48 hours, so things are looking good. In exchange for financial pledges, supporters get to choose from various reward levels, which include everything from a digital copy of the book, to stickers and a coloring book, right up to appearing in the book as a character.

The art is AMAZING, if I do say so myself. (I’m working with two very talented fellow Canadian artists, Kara Brauen and Jono Doiron).

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